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The CS Ghost of Christmas Past

The Computer Science Department at BYU was created in 1968. The M.S. program began in 1974, and the Ph.D. program in 1989. The Department is relatively young but growing in strength and numbers. There are 29 faculty in the Department.

The Department has evolved with the CS subjects over the last thirty-six years since it began as a branch of the Math Department. Memory storage that were once punch cards and "disks" that were the size of 8 frisbee's put together, are now the size of a finger nail and hold much more than their physically larger predecessors.


What do Mr. Bean and a CS Faculty member have in common? Click here to see...Do you recognize the CS Faculty?

Have you ever wondered what the CS Department may have looked like 10+ years ago? For more about the history of the Department click here!
Here is a slide show of some of the professor's in the past, present, and future...

Enjoy! and have a Safe and Happy Holiday!