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Dr. Olsen inducted into the CHI Academy

At the CHI (Computer Human Interaction) conference held in Vienna, Austria, April 22-29, Dr. Dan Olsen of the BYU Computer Science department was inducted into the CHI Academy. The CHI Academy is an honorary group of 25 of the top researchers in the field of computer-human interaction. He was cited as one of the earliest and most influential researchers in the user interface software domain. His first contributions were in using formal language techniques (such as finite state machines and Backus-Naur Form) to specify the syntactic structure of a user interface. He has published two books on user interface software: Developing User Interfaces and User Interface Management Systems: Models and Algorithms. His 1988 MIKE system was an early and influential system for automatically generating a user interface from semantic specifications. Dan has shown great versatility in the past 10 years, creating novel systems in areas ranging from computer supported cooperative work, to Interactive Machine Learning, and developing Metrics and Principles for Human-Robot Interaction. Dan was founding editor of ACM's Transactions on Computer-Human Interaction. He also received the CHI Lifetime Service Award back in 2002.

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