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Ken Jennings, Master Jeopardy Winner & CS Alumnus, Ends Winning Streak

After months of correct answers and winnings the now meadia darling, Ken Jennings, has ended the longest winning streak in Game Show history. The anticipation of the inevitable was put to an end Tuesday, November 30th for Jeopardy watcher's and non-watchers alike as Ken Jennings lost in his 75th match. Ken lost Tuesday during the final round of Jeopardy! to Nancy Zerg. He earned a total of $2,520,700 and answered some 2700 questions correct during the 6 month winning streak. Ken holds the records for most money ever won on a television game show and the most victories ever! The show may miss Ken in rating polls because Jeopardy's ratings were up 22% while Ken was on the show. For more information about Ken's final show and upcoming media appearances go to