Computing That Serves

Meet our new professor: Casey Deccio

Assistant Professor

B.S., and M.S. degrees in Computer Science from Brigham Young University. Ph.D in Computer Science from the University of California Davis.

My job is...assistant professor of Computer Science, which includes instruction of Computer Science courses and academic research, mostly pertaining to computer networks.

In the past I’ve worked on... research related to computer networks, protocols, and security.  I began my career in the network operations group at Sandia National Laboratories.  The hands-on exposure to networks and services instilled in me an interest in understanding and addressing challenges in deployment of network security.  

I originally applied to BYU when... a good friend of mine--just starting her freshman year at BYU--suggested that I apply.  That suggestion changed my life.  I did apply, I loved my BYU experience, and I am excited to have returned.

I’m interested in...making a difference. This goes for my career, my church responsibilities, and other activities with which I'm involved.

In my free time...I enjoy taking my family on adventures.  Among our favorites are bike rides, hikes, and road trips in the car.  These are some of the fondest memories I have from my childhood, and I'm trying to help create some of those good memories for my own children.

My advice for CS majors would be that…you should enjoy your time at BYU.  Spend the necessary time on your classes and studies, but make time for other interests. For me this was being involved in the Cougar Marching Band, Student Advisory Council, and intramural sports. Also, when you consider your career, think not only about supporting your family, but also about what impact you will have in the world for good.

My hidden talent is...lightening the mood.  I enjoy making others smile and brightening their day, particularly in situations where there is tension or things are a bit too serious.  

I’m most looking forward to…teaching students who are prepared and excited to learn.  The enlightening and sense of achievement that goes on inside the minds of students during the teaching or mentoring process is the thrill for me.

A challenge I had as a student was…staying awake during lectures.  I struggled and often fell asleep in nearly all my classes.  During my freshman year I asked the student sitting next to me in math class if she would wake me up if I fell asleep.  She kindly agreed, but when I awoke to the bell at the end of class and asked her why she didn't wake me up, she said, "You just looked so peaceful."

If I could travel anywhere it would be... Europe.  I have already traveled to Italy, England, Netherlands, Denmark, and more.  The cultures, languages, and histories are fascinating to me, particularly those from which my own ancestors came.  

My favorite quote is… “What-E’er Thou Art, Act Well Thy Part.”