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Using Multiview Annotation to Annotate Multiple Images Simultaneously

Timothy Price: MS Thesis Defense

Wednesday, June 28, 10:00 am

3350 TMCB- Conference Room

Advisor: Ryan Farrell


In order for a system to learn a model for object recognition, it must have a lot of positive images to learn from. Because of this, datasets of similar objects are built to train the model. These object datasets used for learning models are best when large, diverse and have annotations. But the process of obtaining the images and creating the annotations often times take a long time, and are costly. We use a method that obtains many images of the same objects in different angles very quickly and then reconstructs those images into a 3D model. We then use the 3D reconstruction of these images of an object to connect information about the different images of the same object together. We use that information to annotate all of the images taken very quickly and cheaply. These annotated images are then used to train the model.