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Fall 2017
Sep 07 2017No Colloquium Today due to Graduate Student OrientationJen Bonnett
Sep 14 2017Challenges in Autonomous FlightSebastian SchererImage icon scherer_sebastian.jpg
Sep 19 2017PhD Student ReviewsChristophe Giraud-Carrier
Sep 21 2017Peering into the Cloud: Storage and Communication at Extreme ScaleGlenn Judd
Sep 28 2017The Past, Present, and Future of Digital DocumentsBrian Price and Scott Cohen
Oct 05 2017Voyaging Around the World With Christ as My Navigator and Ethnomathematics as the CompassLinda H.L. Furuto
Oct 12 2017Why Grad School?Christophe Giraud-Carrier
Oct 19 2017Language Comprehension and the Frontiers of AIPeter Lindes
Oct 26 2017Machine Learning for Detecting (and Generating!) Maliciousness in Information SecurityHyrum Anderson
Nov 02 2017No Colloquium due to Faculty MeetingMike Goodrich
Nov 09 2017AvailableAvailable
Nov 16 2017AvailableAvailable
Nov 23 2017No Colloquium due to ThanksgivingJennie O
Nov 30 2017TBDMasha Ellsworth
Dec 07 2017No Colloquium due to Faculty MeetingMike Goodrich
Dec 14 2017TBDAshok Popat