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Winter 2004
Jan 08 2004Statistical, Corpus-base Goal RecognitionNate Blaylock, University of RochesterAudio icon 2004_01_08_Blaylock.mp3
Jan 15 2004There is No Free LunchChristophe Giraud-CarrierOffice presentation icon 2004_01_15_Giraud-Carrier.ppt Audio icon 2004_01_15_Giraud-Carrier.mp3
Jan 22 2004Connected ComputingPhil WindleyAudio icon 2004_01_22_Windley.mp3
Jan 29 2004Swarming: Peer-to-Peer Content Distribution for the MassesDr. Daniel Zappala, University of OregonAudio icon 2004_01_29_Zappala.mp3
Feb 05 2004Combining Model Checking and Symbolic ExecutionDr. Willem Visser, NASA Ames Research CenterOffice presentation icon 2004_02_05_Visser.ppt Audio icon 2004_02_05_Visser.mp3
Feb 19 2004Enabling Ubiquitous Wireless Digital Video CommunicationClark Taylor, University of California, San Diego
Mar 04 2004Say No to Stack OverflowJohn Regehr, University of UtahAudio icon 2004_03_04_Regehr.mp3
Mar 11 2004Surface Processing and ReconstructionDr. Ross Whitaker, University of UtahAudio icon 2004_03_11_Whitaker.mp3
Mar 17 2004Human Dynamics of Software DevelopmentNeil Harrison, Avaya LabsAudio icon 2004_03_18_Harrison.mp3
Apr 08 2004Distributed-Memory Model-CheckingIvana Cerna, Masaryk UniversityAudio icon 2004_04_08_Cerna.mp3
Fall 2004
Sep 09 2004Human Robot InteractionMike Goodrich, Brigham Young UniversityMicrosoft Office document icon MikeGoodrich.doc Office presentation icon 2004_09_09Goodrich.ppt
Sep 16 2004New Results in Memory-Efficient Graph SearchEric Hansen, Mississippi State University
Sep 23 2004GPU-Based Scientific VisualizationClaudio Silva, University of UtahAudio icon ClaudioTSilva.mp3 PDF icon byu-092304.pdf Microsoft Office document icon ClaudioSilva.doc
Sep 30 2004No ColloquiumFaculty Meeting
Oct 07 2004No ColloquiumBlack Thursday
Oct 14 2004Empirical Data and Brownian Motion: Finding Structure in RandomnessHonored Alumni Lecture: Michael René KosorokAudio icon MichaelRKosorok.mp3
Oct 21 2004Why Attend Graduate School?Dan Ventura, Brigham Young UniversityPDF icon DanVenturaGradSchool.pdf
Oct 28 2004No ColloquiumFaculty Meeting
Nov 04 2004Building a Markov random field for super resolutionMarshall Tappen, MITMicrosoft Office document icon Marshall%20Tappen.doc Audio icon colloquim%2011-4-04.mp3 Microsoft Office document icon Marshall_Tappen.doc
Nov 11 2004Multi-Agent PlanningGeoff Gordon, Carnegie Mellon UniversityMicrosoft Office document icon Geoff_Gordon.doc Microsoft Office document icon Geoff%20Gordon.doc PDF icon 2004-11-11.byu.pdf Audio icon Colloquim%2011-11-04.mp3
Nov 18 2004What Do You Want---Semantic Understanding?David W. Embley, Brigham Young UniversityAudio icon Colloquim%2011-18-04.mp3 Microsoft Office document icon DavidWEmbley.doc Office presentation icon embley.ppt
Nov 25 2004No ColloquiumThanksgiving
Dec 02 2004An Asynchronous Circuit Model of the Lambda VirusChris J. Myers, University of UtahMicrosoft Office document icon ChrisJMyers.doc
Dec 09 2004Using Machine Learning and Brain Imaging to Study Cognitive ProcessesTom M. Mitchell, Carnegie Mellon UniversityMicrosoft Office document icon Tom_Mitchell.doc Microsoft Office document icon Tom%20Mitchell.doc
Winter 2005
Jan 13 2005Graduate Student OrientationMindy Varkevisser, Brigham Young University
Jan 20 2005Research Direction and Trust NegotiationKent Seammons, Brigham Young UniversityeMicrosoft Office document icon KentSeamons.doc
Jan 27 2005No ColloquiumFaculty Meeting
Feb 03 2005Nvidia's Graphics Hardware and Some Uses of ItDave McAllisterMicrosoft Office document icon DaveMcAllister.doc
Feb 10 2005Length-Limited Data Transformation and CompressionJoshua Senecal, Doctoral Candidate, University of CaliforniaMicrosoft Office document icon JoshuaSenecal.doc
Feb 17 2005Towards Real-Life Reinforcement LearningMichael Littman, Director of the Rutgers Laboratory for Real Life-Reinforcement LearningMicrosoft Office document icon MichaelLittman.doc Audio icon 2005_02_17_Littman.mp3
Feb 17 2005No ColloquiumFaculty Meeting
Mar 03 2005Bioinformatic approaches to DNA sequence analysisKeith A. Crandall, Keith Crandall, Department of Integrative Biology and Department of Microbiology & Molecular Biology, Brigham Young UniversityMicrosoft Office document icon KeithACrandall.doc
Mar 10 2005Model-Based Code Generation: Moving Finally from Utopia to an Affordable Dream?Oscar Pastor, Head of the Computation and Information Systems Department at Valencia University of TechnologyFile 0Media.asx HTML icon OscarPastor.htm Microsoft Office document icon OscarPastor.doc
Mar 14 2005Classification and Learning with Networked DataFoster Provost, Associate Professor of Information Systems, New York UniversityMicrosoft Office document icon Foster%20Provost.doc Microsoft Office document icon Foster_Provost.doc
Mar 17 2005Linguistic Feature Engineering for Machine Learning in Natural Language ProcessingEric Ringger, Researcher in the NLP group at Microsoft Research in Redmond, WashingtonMicrosoft Office document icon EricRingger.doc
Mar 24 2005Family History Technology WorkshopN/A
Mar 31 2005No ColloquiumPh.D. Progress Reviews
Apr 07 2005Probability in a Certain WorldDennis Tolley, Department of Statistics, Brigham Young UniversityMicrosoft Office document icon DennisTolley.doc
Fall 2005
Sep 08 2005Graduate Student OrientationMindy Varkevisser, Brigham Young University
Sep 15 2005A Behavioral Approach to Worm DetectionDan Ellis, Senior Information Security Scientist, MITREMicrosoft Office document icon Dan_Ellis_flyer.doc
Sep 22 2005CS Career Planning SeminarDebi Blickfeldt, Lloyd Hawkins
Sep 23 2005Evolutionary Computation: A Unified ApproachKen De Jong, Professor of Computer Science and Associate Director of the Krasnow Institute at George Mason UniversityMicrosoft Office document icon Ken_De_Jong_flyer.doc Audio icon Ken_De_Jong_audio.mp3 PDF icon Ken_De_Jong_slides.pdf
Sep 29 2005No ColloquiumFaculty Meeting
Oct 06 2005No ColloquiumPh.D. Reviews
Oct 13 2005Beyond CSI: Exciting Applications of Forensic DNAJohn ButlerPDF icon butler_flyer.pdf
Oct 20 2005Why Attend Graduate School?PhD Recruiting CommitteePDF icon WhyGradSchool_2005_slides.pdf PDF icon Why_Attend_Graduate_School_2005_flyer.pdf
Oct 27 2005No ColloquiumFaculty Meeting
Nov 03 2005TaskTracker and CALO: Intelligent Assistants for the DesktopThomas Dietterich, Professor of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science at Oregon State UniversityMicrosoft Office document icon Thomas_Dietterich.doc
Nov 09 2005Teaching Programming both Broadly and Deeply or Network-Transparent Distributed Programming in MozartPeter Van Roy, Professor of Computing Science, Université catholique de Louvain, BelgiumMicrosoft Office document icon Peter_Van_Roy_flyer.doc PDF icon PeterVanRoy_slides.pdf
Nov 17 2005Automatic Pattern Analysis: Towards A Unified FoundationNello Cristianini, Associate Professor of Statistics at University of California, DavisMicrosoft Office document icon Nello_Cristianini_flyer.doc PDF icon NelloCristianini_slides.pdf
Nov 24 2005No ColloquiumThanksgiving
Dec 01 2005No ColloquiumFaculty Meeting
Dec 08 2005Microarray Data Mining - Dealing with the ChallengesGregory Piatetsky-Shapiro, President of KDnuggetsPDF icon PiatetskyShapiro_slides.pdf Microsoft Office document icon Gregory_Piatetsky-Shapiro_flyer.doc
Winter 2006
Jan 12 2006Graduate Student OrientationMindy Varkevisser, Brigham Young University
Jan 19 2006Active Learning for Hidden Markov ModelsBrigham Anderson, Carnegie Mellon UniversityPDF icon Brigham_Anderson_Active_Learning_slides.pdf
Jan 26 2006No ColloquiumFaculty Meeting
Feb 02 2006Experience and Future Directions in Model-Driven Development with Component-based Product-Line ArchitecturesJohn HatcliffHTML icon John%20Hatcliff%20-%20Model%20Driven%20Development%20-%20Cadena.htm File 0Media.asx PDF icon John_Hatcliff-Model_Driven_Development_slides.pdf
Feb 09 2006The Essential Particle SwarmJim Kennedy, U.S. Dept. of Labor, Bureau of Labor StatisticsFile 0Media.asx HTML icon James%20Kennedy%20ver%203.htm PDF icon JamesKennedy-ParticleSwarm_slides.pdf
Feb 16 2006Focus the Mining Beacon: Lessons and Challenges from the World of E-CommerceRonny Kohavi, MicrosoftPDF icon RonnyKohavi-MiningBeacon_slides.pdf File 0Media.asx HTML icon Ronny%20Kohavi.htm
Feb 23 2006No ColloquiumFaculty Meeting
Mar 02 2006Strategic Capacity Planning for the Semiconductor Industry: Current Industrial Practice and New DirectionsRobin Roundy, Professor of Operations Research and Industrial Engineering, Cornell UniversityFile Robin%20Roundy.wmv PDF icon RobinRoundy_flyer.pdf
Mar 09 2006AI in the Middle: Mediating between Author and ReaderPeter Norvig, Director of Machine Learning, Search Quality and Research, GooglePDF icon PeterNorvig_flyer.pdf File Peter%20Norvig.wmv
Mar 16 2006Probabilistic Inference for Unsupervised Discovery of Natural Language StructureTeg GrenagerHTML icon Teg%20Grenager.htm File Teg%20Grenager.wmv
Mar 23 2006No ColloquiumFaculty Meeting
Mar 30 2006No ColloquiumPh.D. Reviews
Apr 06 2006Communication Channels in Loops: Limitations and OpportunitiesNicola Elia, Dept. of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Iowa State UniversityPDF icon NicolaElia_flyer.pdf
Apr 13 2006Real-Time Photorealistic Computer GraphicsParris Egbert, Professor of Computer Science, Brigham Young UniversityPDF icon ParrisEgbert_flyer.pdf
Fall 2006
Sep 14 2006Flexible Machine Learning for Hard Language ProblemsHal Daume, University of UtahFile Hal_Daume_video.wmv PDF icon Hal_Daume_flyer.pdf PDF icon Hal_Daume_slides.pdf
Sep 21 2006Simulation Physics: Simple Fantasies, Complex RealitiesGus Hart, Brigham Young UniversityPDF icon Gus_Hart_flyer.pdf
Oct 12 2006UAV-Enabled Wilderness Search & RescueMichael Goodrich, Brigham Young UniversityPDF icon Goodrich_slides.pdf
Oct 18 2006Ruby: History, Philosophy & ApplicationYukihiro Matsumoto, Netlab.jpPDF icon Yukihiro_Matsumoto_flyer.pdf File MatzRubyQ&A_video.wmv HTML icon detail1638.html File MatzRuby_video.wmv Binary Data Matz_slides
Oct 19 2006TBAHonored Alumni Speaker: Dallan QuassFile DallanQuass_video.wmv
Nov 02 2006Why Grad School?Graduate AdvisorsFile WhyGradSchool.wmv PDF icon WhyGradSchool.pdf
Nov 09 2006Estimating the mortality effects of air pollution usingArden Pope, Brigham Young UniversityPDF icon ArdenPope.pdf File 0MM0.wmv HTML icon ArdenPope.htm PDF icon Arden_Pope_flyer.pdf
Nov 16 2006Learning to Extract Proteins and their Interactions from Biomedical TextRaymond J. Mooney, University of Texas at AustinPDF icon Raymond_Mooney_flyer.pdf PDF icon RaymondMooney.pdf File 0MM0.wmv HTML icon RaymondMooney.htm
Dec 07 2006Automatic Geomorphic Mapping of Mars Using Pattern RecognitionRicardo Vilalta, University of HoustonFile 0MM0.wmv HTML icon RicardoVilata.htm PDF icon RicardoVilalta.pdf PDF icon RicardoVilalta-slides.pdf
Dec 14 2006Unifying Logical and Statistical AIPedro DomingosHTML icon Pedro%20Domingos.htm File 0MM0.wmv PDF icon RicardoVilalta-slides.pdf PDF icon Pedro_Domingos_flyer.pdf PDF icon Pedro-slides.pdf
Winter 2007
Jan 11 2007New Graduate Student OrientationGraduate Coordinator/Assistant
Jan 18 2007Undergraduate SeminarRepresentatives from Novell
Jan 25 2007Undergraduate Seminar - OmnitureBrett Error, EVP and CTO at Omniture
Feb 01 2007Scalable Recognition with a Vocabulary Tree and Using Galois Theory to Prove that Structure from Motion Algorithms are OptimalDavid Nister, Department of Computer Science, University of KentuckyPDF icon DavidNister.pdf
Feb 08 2007Health Care Applications of Data MiningMollie Poynton PhD, APRN, College of Nursing, University of UtahHTML icon MolliePoynton.htm File 0MM0.wmv PDF icon MollieP_slides.pdf PDF icon MollieR_flyer.pdf
Feb 15 2007Analyzing Evolutionary TreesKatherine St. John, Department of Mathematics and Computer Science, City University of New YorkImage icon Katherine_St._John_0.jpg PDF icon StJohn_slides.pdf File StJohn.wmv
Mar 01 2007Which Supervised Learning Method Works Best for What? An Empirical Comparison of Learning Methods and Metrics++Rich Caruana, Department of Computer Science, Cornell UniversityHTML icon RichCaruana.htm PDF icon RichCaruana_slides.pdf File 0MM0.wmv
Mar 08 2007Probability Collectives and Supervised LearningDavid Wolpert, Intelligent Systems Division, Ames Research Center, NASAPDF icon Wolpert_slides.pdf File 0MM0.wmv HTML icon Wolpert.htm
Mar 15 2007Family History Technology WorkshopKeynote: Richard Nixon, Real Problems for Genealogists – Challenges for Technologists
Mar 22 2007Career Prospects for CS Students: What's Out There--David MeyersDavid MeyersPDF icon DavidMeyers_slides.pdf File 0MM0.wmv HTML icon DavidMeyers.htm
Mar 29 2007Research Inspiration in the Palm of Your HandDan R. Olsen Jr., Department of Computer Science, Brigham Young UniversityHTML icon DanOlsen.htm PDF icon DanOlsen_slides.pdf Image icon Olsen_big.jpg File 0MM0.wmv
Fall 2007
Sep 13 2007Robust and Learning Control for Complex SystemsPeter Young, PhD, Colorado State UniversityPDF icon Peter_Young.pdf PDF icon pmybyusem.pdf File 0MM0.wmv HTML icon PeterYoung.htm
Sep 20 2007Elements of a BYU Education that are Fundamental to the Rewarding Career in the Sciences--As Seen through the Rearview MirrorHonored Alumnus: Steven B. Church, General Manager of Exploration and Production, Sinclair Oil Corp.PDF icon Honored_Alumni_talk_Steve_Church.pdf
Sep 27 2007Seminar: Venture Startup HOWTOJosh Coates, CEO of
Oct 11 2007The Power of Bayes: An Old Idea RevisitedShane Reese, Associate Professor, BYU Statistics DepartmentPDF icon Shane_Reese_Slides.pdf File Shane_Reese_10.11.07.wmv
Oct 18 2007Bioinformatics Scale Challenges in BiodefenseTom Slezak, Associate Program Leader for Informatics and Assays for the ChemBio National Security Program, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratories PDF icon TomSlezak_slides.pdf File 0MM0.wmv HTML icon TomSlezak.htm
Nov 01 2007Why Grad SchoolJonathan Dinerstein, PhD, Senior Research Scientist, Lockheed MartinPDF icon JonathanDinerstein_WhyGradSchool.pdf File 0MM0.wmv HTML icon JonathanDinerstein.htm
Nov 08 2007Hydraulic Erosion in Computer GraphicsBedrich Benes, Assistant Professor, Department of Computer Graphics Technology, Purdue UniversityHTML icon BedrichBenes.htm PDF icon BedrichBenes_slides.pdf File 0MM0.wmv
Nov 15 2007Taking a Crack at the Hard Problem of Machine Intelligence: A General Learning Machine Based on the BrainBrandon Rohrer, Principal Member of the Technical Staff, Sandia National Laboratories PDF icon BrandonRohrer_slides.pdf File BrandonRohrer.wmv
Nov 29 2007Data Analysis and Information Systems: Critical Aspects to 1-800 CONTACTS' Retail Business SuccessBrian Bethers of 1-800-Contacts
Dec 06 2007Unambiguous + Unlimited = UnsupervisedMarti Hearst, PhD, Associate Professor, School of Information, UC BerkeleyHTML icon MartiHearst.htm File 0MM0.wmv PDF icon MartiHearst_slides.pdf
Dec 13 2007Applying Cognitive Engineering to Human-Robot InteractionJulie Adams, Assistant Professor, Computer Science and Computer Engineering, Vanderbilt UniversityPDF icon JulieAdams_slides.pdf File 0MM0.wmv HTML icon JulieAdams.htm
Winter 2008
Jan 17 2008Designing Pervasive ComputingScott Klemmer, Assistant Professor, Stanford University PDF icon ScottKlemmer_slides.pdf HTML icon ScottKlemmer.htm File 0MM0.wmv
Jan 24 2008Deploying Cryptographic Protocols in the Real WorldJay McCarthy, PhD Candidate, Brown UniversityPDF icon JayMcCarthy_slides.pdf HTML icon JayMcCarthy.htm File 0MM0.wmv
Jan 31 2008Move to Improve: Promoting Physical Navigation to Increase user Performance with Large DisplaysRobert Ball, Assistant Professor, University of WisconsinPDF icon BobBall_slides.pdf File 0MM0.wmv HTML icon BobBall.htm
Feb 07 2008Efficient Modeling and Verification of Analog/Mixed-Signal CircuitsScott Little, SRC Fellow/PhD Candidate, University of UtahPDF icon ScottLittle_slides.pdf File ScottLittle.wmv
Feb 14 2008Software Testing: An Evolution-Centric PerspectiveGregg Rothermel, Professor & Jensen Chair of Software Engineering, University of NebraskaHTML icon Rothermel.htm File 0MM0.wmv PDF icon Rothermel_slides.pdf
Feb 21 2008Understanding and Improving Wireless Networks
Feb 27 2008Information Technology Seminar, 250 CTBWes Dyer, Microsoft
Mar 06 2008Behavioral Imaging: How a Computer Scientist Can Impact the World of Autism.Gregory Abowd, Distinguished Professor, School of Interactive Computing, Georgia Institute of TechnologyPDF icon Abowd_slides.pdf File 0MM0.wmv HTML icon Abowd.htm
Mar 13 2008Design of Cooperative SystemsGürdal Arslan, Assistant Professor, Electrical Engineering Department, University of Hawaii, Manoa PDF icon GurdalArslan_slides.pdf HTML icon GurdalArslan.htm File 0MM0.wmv
Mar 20 2008Microsoft Seminar: Localization Tools and AutomationDuane Dougal, International Program Manager, Microsoft Developer Division InternationalFile 0MM0.wmv PDF icon DuaneDougal_slides.pdf HTML icon DuaneDougal.htm
Mar 27 2008What Goes Wrong Behind Blockbuster MoviesEd Catmull, President of Walt Disney Animation and Pixar Animation Studios
Apr 03 2008Using Structured Representations in Nonparametric Bayesian ModelsTom Griffiths, Assistant Professor of Psychology and Cognitive Science, UC BerkeleyFile TomGriffiths.wmv PDF icon TomGriffiths_slides.pdf
Apr 10 2008Capstone Demo DayCapstone Demo Day
Fall 2008
Sep 11 2008What is in Common between Evolving Web Clickstreams, Hot Plasma Loops on the Solar Corona, and Contraband Exchange on...

Olfa Nasraoui
Associate Professor, Computer Engineering and Computer Science, University of Louisville

File Knowledge_Discovery__Web_Mining_Lab_at_U_of_Louisville_-_Olfa_Nasraoui_-_U_of_Louisville_-_09-11-08.pptx
Sep 18 2008Graph IdentificationLise Getoor
Associate Professor, Computer Science Department, University of Maryland, College Park
Movie icon Office presentation icon Graph_Identification_-_Lise_Getoor_-_BYU_09-18-08.ppt
Sep 25 2008Computational Finance in Investment Management

John Lafare
VP of IT Group and Director of Investment Management Systems at The Capital Group Companies

File Computational_Finance_in_Investment_Management_-_John_Lafare_-_The_Capital_Group_Companies_-_09-25-08.pptx Movie icon
Oct 09 2008How Epidemiology Got under My Skin and Now I’m Trying to Prevent the Worst Disease You’ve Never Heard Of

Michael J. Cannon
Research Epidemiologist, National Center for Infectious Disease, Center for Disease Control

PDF icon How_Epidemiology_Got_Under_My_Skin-transcript.pdf Movie icon PDF icon slides.pdf Movie icon
Oct 16 2008Why You Should Go To Graduate SchoolChris Monson
Software Engineer, Google
Oct 30 2008Cutting Edge Genealogy Tool DevelopmentKevin Ward, Tim Cross, & Gordon Clarke
Family History Department Engineering & Product Managers, Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints
Nov 06 2008Social Robots and Human Social Development

Brian Scassellati
Associate Professor of Computer Science, Yale University

Office presentation icon Social_Robots_and_Human_Social_Development_-_Brian_Scassellati_-_Yale_University_-_11-06-08.ppt
Nov 13 2008Web 2.0, the Global Village, and the Code of Fair Information PracticesMichael Quinn
Dean of the College of Science and Engineering, Seattle University
Office presentation icon Web%202.0%20-%20the%20Global%20Village%20-%20and%20the%20Code%20of%20Fair%20Information%20-%20Michael%20Quinn%2011-13-08.ppt
Nov 20 2008Computing for Socio-Economic DevelopmentKentaro Toyama
Assistant Managing Director of Microsoft Research India, Bangalore
Movie icon
Dec 04 2008"A Day in the Life of Video Game Development" (Things You Didn't Know You Wanted To Know About Making Games)Rob Nelson
Director of Technology, Avalanche Software, Disney Interactive Studios
Movie icon Office presentation icon Avalanche_Ugrad_Seminar_-_Rob_Nelson_-_BYU_12-04-08.ppt
Dec 11 2008Bargteil: Physics Based Animation; Hall: Autotuning in the Multi-core EraAdam W. Bargteil
Assistant Professor, Computer Science, U. of Utah
Mary Hall
Associate Professor, Computer Science, U. of Utah
Winter 2009
Jan 15 2009Using Nonparametric Bayesian Models to Learn Dynamical Systems

David Wingate
Postdoctoral research associate, Computational Cognitive Science Group, MIT

Movie icon
Jan 22 2009Field Testing of Utility Robots for Lunar Surface Operations

Terry Fong
Director of the Intelligent Robotics Group, NASA Ames Research Center

Movie icon Office presentation icon Field_Testing_of_Utility_Robots_for_Lunar_Surface_Operations_-_Terry_Fong_-_BYU_01-22-09.ppt Movie icon
Jan 29 2009Proposing a New Design-Science Model-Checking Methodology for the Assurance of Electronic Commerce Processes

Bonnie Anderson
Associate Professor, Department of Information Systems, Marriott School

File Proposing%20a%20New%20Design-Science%20Model-Checking%20Methodology%20for%20the%20Assurance%20of%20Electronic%20Commerce%20Processes%20-%20Bonnie%20Brinton%20Anderson%2001-29-09.pptx
Feb 05 2009Computer Vision in the Study of Art

David Stork
Chief Scientist of Ricoh Innovations and Consulting Professor of Statistics at Stanford University

Feb 12 2009Introduction to Computational Biology: Whole Genome Algorithms and the Analysis of Genetic Regulatory NetworksQuinn Snell & Mark Clement
Computational Sciences Lab, Computer Science, BYU
Feb 19 2009The MSR ESL Assistant: Detecting and Correcting Non-native Errors in English

Michael Gamon
Researcher, Microsoft Research

File The_MSR_ESL_Assistant-Detecting_and_correcting_non-native_errors_in_English_-_Michael_Gamon_02-19-09.pptx Movie icon
Feb 26 2009It's Turtles All the Way Up: Self-Extensible Programming Languages in PLT Scheme

Matthew Flatt
Associate Professor, University of Utah

Movie icon PDF icon Its_Turtles_All_the_Way_Up_-_Self-Extensible_Programming_Languages_in_PLT_Scheme_-_Matthew_Flatt_02-26-09_v2.pdf
Mar 05 2009Transfer Learning Via Advice Taking

Jude Shavlik
Professor, Departments of Computer Sciences and Biostatistics & Medical Informatics, University of Wisconsin-Madison

Office presentation icon Transfer_Learning_Via_Advice_Taking_-_Jude_Shavlik_-_Wisconsin-Madison_-_03-05-09.ppt
Mar 12 2009Constrained Conditional Models: Learning and Inference in Natural Language UnderstandingDan Roth
Professor, Department of Computer Science, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Office presentation icon Constrained_Conditional_Models-Learning_and_Inference_in_Natural_Language_Understanding_-_Dan_Roth_-_BYU_03-12-09.ppt Movie icon
Mar 19 2009Shaping the Dynamics of Modern Infrastructure and Autonomous-Agent Networks using Limited Resources

Sandip Roy
Assistant Professor, School of EE&CS, Washington State University

File Shaping_the_Dynamics_of_Modern_Infrastructure_and_Autonomous-Agent_Networks_using_Limited_Resources_-_Sandip_Roy_-_WSU_-_03-19-09.pptx
Apr 09 2009Capstone Demo Day---
Fall 2009
Sep 10 2009Static analysis of modern-software systems: Taming control-flow

Matt Might
Assistant Professor in the School of Computing
University of Utah

Movie icon PDF icon Static_Analysis_of_modern_Software_Systems-Taming_Control-flow_-_Matthew_Might_-_BYU_09-10-09.pdf
Sep 24 2009Career Seminar: Television over the Internet

Drew Major
Co-founder of Novell, President and CEO of Move Networks

Oct 01 2009Accounting for Burstiness of Words in Text Mining

Charles Elkan
Professor of Computer Science
University of California, San Diego

Oct 08 2009Neuroimaging Investigations of the Mind and Behavior

Erin Bigler
Professor of Psychology and Neurology
Brigham Young University

Movie icon Office presentation icon Neuroimaging_Investigations_of_Mind_and_Behavior_-_Erin_Bigler_-_BYU_-_10-08-09.ppt
Oct 15 2009Why You Should Go To Graduate SchoolChris Monson
Software Engineer
PDF icon Why_Grad_School.pdf Movie icon
Oct 22 2009College Honored Alumnus Lecture: What Do Professional Learning Communities Have to do with Factoring a Trinomial?Steven C. Baugh (BS ’69)
Associate Professor of Education
Director of BYU’s Center for the Improvement of Teacher Education and Schooling (CITES)
Brigham Young University
Movie icon PDF icon Steven_Baugh_10-22-09_CPMS_Honored_Alumni_Lecture.pdf
Oct 29 2009People, Software and Bugs: Humanum Est Errare

Prem Devanbu
Professor of  Computer Science
UC Davis

File People_Software_and_Bugs-Humanum_Est_Errare_-_Prem_Devanbu_-_UC_Davis_-_10-29-09.key
Nov 05 2009Interactive Robotics for Home CareFrançois Michaud
Canada Research Chairholder in Mobile Robotics and Intelligent Autonomous Systems
Professor of Electrical Engineering and Computer Engineering
Université de Sherbrooke
Movie icon Office presentation icon Interactive_Robots_at_Home_Francois_Michaud_-_BYU_11-05-09.ppt
Nov 12 2009Privacy and Anonymity in Text

Chris Clifton
Associate Professor of Computer Science
Purdue University

Movie icon File Privacy__Anonimity_in_Text_-_Chris_Clifton_-_Purdue_-_11-12-09.pptx
Nov 19 2009Machine Learning for Healthcare

David Page
Professor of Biostatistics and Medical Informatics and of Computer Sciences
University of Wisconsin-Madison

Office presentation icon Machine_Learning_for_Healthcare_-_David_Page_-_Wisconsin-Madison_-_11-19-09.ppt
Dec 03 2009Career Seminar: Automation in the Library Industry and How to Make Money with a Background/Degree in Computer Science

Talin R. Bingham
Chief Technology Officer


Dec 10 2009Capstone Demo Day--
Winter 2010
Jan 14 2010SeerSuite: Enterprise Search and Cyberinfrastructure for Science and Academia

C. Lee Giles
David Reese Professor at the College of Information Sciences and Technology
Director of the Intelligent Systems Research Laboratory
Pennsylvania State University

Jan 28 2010Career Seminar: Internet Malware Vectors

Chris Larsen
Senior Malware Researcher
Blue Coat Systems

Office presentation icon Internet_Malware_Vectors_-_Chris_Larsen_-_Blue_Coat_-_01-28-10.ppt Movie icon
Feb 04 2010What Does Diversity Look Like?

Ronald A. Metoyer
Associate Professor
School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
Oregon State University

Feb 11 2010Securing Dynamic Online Social NetworksGail-Joon Ahn
Associate Professor
Computer Science and Engineering
Arizona State University
Feb 18 2010Enhancing Wireless Network Security Using Unique Device and Link Characteristics

Sneha Kasera
Associate Professor
School of Computing
University of Utah

Mar 04 2010De novo Assembly of Large Genomes from Paired Short Reads

Srinivas Aluru
Department of Computer Engineering
Iowa State University

Movie icon Office presentation icon Parallel_de_novo_Assembly_of_Large_Genomes_from_Paired_Short_Reads_-_Srinivas_Aluru_-_BYU_03-04-10.ppt
Mar 11 2010The Magnificent Extensible Markov Model (EMM)

Margaret (Maggie) H. Dunham
Department of Computer Science and Engineering
Southern Methodist University

File The_Magnificent_EMM_-_Margaret_H_Dunham_-_BYU_03-11-10.pptx Movie icon
Mar 18 2010Surface Computing and Beyond

Andy Wilson
Senior Researcher
Microsoft Research

Mar 25 2010Career Seminar: Google-scale Distributed System Design

Laramie Leavitt
Staff Software Engineer

Apr 01 2010Machine Learning in Public Health

Kristin Bennett
Departments of Mathematical Sciences and Computer Science
Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

File Machine_Learning_in_Public_Health_-_Kristin_P_Bennett_-_Polytechnic_Institute_-_04-01-10.pptx Movie icon
Apr 08 2010Capstone Demo Day--
Fall 2010
Sep 09 2010Modeling DNS Security: Misconfiguration, Availability, and Visualization

Casey T. Deccio
Senior Member of Technical Staff
Sandia National Laboratories

Movie icon Office presentation icon Modeling_DNS_Security-Misconfiguration__Availability_and_Visualization_-_Casey_Deccio_-_Sandia_National_Laboratories_-_09-09-10.ppt
Sep 16 2010A New Paradigm for Experimental Pattern Recognition Research

Daniel Lopresti
Professor and Chair
Department of Computer Science and Engineering
Lehigh University (Bethlehem, PA)

Movie icon Office presentation icon A_New_Paradigm_for_Experimental_Pattern_Recognition_Research_-_Daniel_Lopresti_-_Lehigh_University_-_09-16-10.ppt
Sep 30 2010Model Tolerant Agents

Daniel Bryce
Assistant Professor
Dept. of Computer Science
Utah State University

Assistant Professor


Utah State University


Dept. of Computer Science

Movie icon PDF icon Model_Tolerant_Agents_-_Daniel_Bryce_-_USU_-_09-30-10.pdf
Oct 07 2010College Honored Alumnus Lecture: Space: Exploring the High Frontier with Humans, Robots, and Telescopes

Edward W. Gholdston (PhD ‘82)
Deputy Program Manager
Orion Crew Exploration Vehicle
Rocketdyne Division
United Technologies Corporation

File Space-Exploring_the_High_Frontier_with_Humans_Robots_and_TelescopesCPMS_Honored_Alumni_Lecture_-_Edward_W_Gholdston_-_United_Technologies_Corporation_-_10-07-10.pptx Movie icon
Oct 21 2010Why Go To Graduate School?

Neha Rungta
Research Scientist
NASA Ames Research Center

Movie icon File Why_Go_To_Graduate_School_-_Neha_Rungta_-_Research_Scientist_NASA_Ames_Research_Center_-_10-21-10.pptx
Oct 25 2010Interactive Visualization of Hyperspectral Images of Historical Documents

Michael Brown
Associate Professor
Department of Computer Science
School of Computing
National University of Singapore

Oct 28 2010Active and Proactive Machine Learning

Jaime Carbonell
Director, Language Technologies Institute
Allen Newell Professor, Computer Science
Carnegie Mellon University

Movie icon Office presentation icon Active_and_Proactive_Machine_Learning_-_Jaime_G_Carbonell_-_Language_Technologies_Institute_-_Carnegie_Mellon_University_-_10-28-10.ppt
Nov 04 2010Adding Types to Untyped Languages

Matthias Felleisen
Trustee Professor
College of Computer Science
Northeastern University

Movie icon PDF icon Adding_Types_to_Untyped_Languages_-_Matthias_Felleisen_-_Northeastern_University_-_11-04-10.pdf
Nov 18 2010Mining Information Networks the Meerkat Way

Osmar Zaïane
McCalla and Killam Professor
Scientific Director of the Alberta Ingenuity Center for Machine Learning
Department of Computing Science
University of Alberta

PDF icon Mining_Information_Networks_the_Meerkat_Way_-_Osmar_R_Zaiane_-_University_of_Alberta_-_11-18-10.pdf
Dec 02 2010Career Seminar: Walmart Information Systems Security

Cord Leonhardt
Director of IT Security

Winter 2011
Jan 20 2011Simulating Rapunzel’s Hair in Disney’s "Tangled"

Kelly Ward
Senior Software Engineer
Walt Disney Animation Studios.

Feb 03 2011Open Development != Open Source

Justin Erenkrantz
Former President, The Apache Software Foundation
CTO of Project WBS

PDF icon Open_Development__Open_Source_-_Justin_Erenkrantz_-_Project_WBS_Inc_-_02-03-11.pdf Movie icon
Feb 17 2011Dremel: Interactive Analysis of Web-Scale Datasets

Matt Tolton
Senior Software Engineer

Movie icon File Dremel-Interactive_Analysis_of_Web-Scale_Datasets_-_Matt_Tolton_-_Google_Senior_Software_Engineer_-_02-17-2011.pptx
Feb 24 2011Building Language Ecosystems

Ryan Culpepper
Post-doctoral Fellow
School of Computing
University of Utah

Movie icon PDF icon Building_Language_Ecosystems_-_Ryan_Culpepper_-_PLT-U_of_U_-_02-24-2011.pdf
Mar 03 2011Specialization, Scale, and Socio-technical Ecosystems

James D. Herbsleb
Professor, Institute for Software Research
School of Computer Science
Carnegie Mellon University

Movie icon File Specialization_Scale_and_Socio-Technical_Ecosystems_-_Jim_Herbsleb_-_Carnegie_Mellon_University_-_03-03-2011.pptx
Mar 10 2011Error-Tolerant Record Matching

Surajit Chaudhuri
Research Area Manager
Data Management, Exploration and Mining Group
Microsoft Research

Movie icon
Mar 17 2011The Woosh Moment

Jerry Tessendorf
Professor of Visual Computing, School of Computing
Director, Digital Production Arts Program
Clemson University

Movie icon
Mar 31 2011Career Seminar: “A Technical Perspective on Software Entrepreneurship”

David Mitchell
Founder and CTO
Bungee Labs Corporation

Fall 2011
Sep 08 2011Graduate Student Research Showcase

Thomas Packer, Bill Lund and Doug Kennard

PhD students in the Computer Science Department at BYU

Sep 15 2011Empirical Software Engineering at Microsoft Research: Transitioning Research into Practice

Christian Bird

Microsoft Researcher, Empirical Software Engineering Group

File Empirical_Software_Engineering_at_Microsoft-Transitioning_Research_into_Practice_-_Christian_Bird_-_Microsoft_Research-Redmond_-_09-15-11.pptx Movie icon
Sep 29 2011Visualizing Biological Data

Miriah Meyer

USTAR Assistant Professor in the School of Computing at the University of Utah and a faculty member in the Scientific Computing and Imaging Institute

Movie icon File Visualizing_Bilogical_Data_-_Miriah_Meyer_-_University_of_Utah_-_09-29-11.key
Oct 06 2011 College Honored Alumnus Lecture: Actuarial Science in a Post Reform World

Michael D. Bahr (BS ’85)

President of Coventry Health and Life Company and executive vice president for Coventry Health Care. Prior to that role Michael was the CEO for Altius Health Plans and vice president and chief actuary for IHC Health Plans.

Movie icon File Actuarial_Science_In_A_Post_Reform_World_-_Michael_D_Bahr_-_CPMS_Honored_Alumni_Lecture_-_10-06-11.pptx
Oct 06 2011Public Health 2.0: Leveraging Social Media and Technology for Better Health

Dr. Jay Bernhardt, PhD, MPH

Former director of the National Center for Health Marketing at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and current Chair and Professor, Director, Center for Digital Health & Wellness at the University of Florida.

««««Please note the 3:00 p.m. start time for this event.»»»»

««««Computational Health Sicence Lecture Series»»»»

File Public_Health_2_0-Leveraging_Social_Media_and_Technology_for_Better_Health_-_Jay_M_Bernhardt_v6_-_10-06-11.pptx
Oct 20 2011Why Grad School?

Tim van der Horst (Ph.D. '10)

Oct 27 2011Successful Internet Collaboration: A Study of Open Source Software Commons

Dr. Charles M Schweik

Associate Professor in the Dept of Environmental Conservation and Center for Public Policy and Administration at the University of Massachussetts, Amherst.  Associate Director of the National Center for Digital Government at UMass Amherst

Nov 03 2011JSLocker: Access and Information Flow Control for JavaScript Christian HammerFile JSLocker-Access_and_Information_Flow_Control_for_JavaScript_-_Christian_Hammer_-_USU_-_11-03-11.key Movie icon JSLocker - Access and Information Flow Control for JavaScript - Christian Hammer -
Nov 17 2011Searching for Statistical Diagrams

Michael Cafarella

Assistant Professor of Computer Science and Engineering at the University of Michigan

Office presentation icon Searching_for_Statistical_Diagrams_-_Michael_Cafarella_-_University_of_Michigan_-_11-17-11.ppt Movie icon
Dec 01 2011Irrational Communication and Other Good Ideas

Rob Fotheringham

LDS Church

Undergraduate Career Seminar

Movie icon File Irrational_Communication_and_Other_Good_Ideas_-_Rob_Fotheringham_-_LDS_Church-Mobile_Apps_Group_-_12-01-11.key
Dec 08 2011Haptic Perception and Cognition of Reversed Geons in the Blind

Nathan Bench

Ph.D. candidate in the College of Technology at Purdue University

Movie icon File Haptic_Perception_and_Cognition_-_Using_Geons_for_the_Blind_-_Nathan_Bench_-_Purdue_University_-_12-08-11.pptx
Winter 2012
Mar 15 2012Technology Mediated Social Participation

Derek Hansen

Assistant Professor of Information Technology, BYU

Office presentation icon Technology_Mediated_Social_Participation_-_Derek_Hansen_-_BYU_-_03-15-12.ppt
Mar 29 2012Career Seminar

Daniel Young (BS '87 Computer Science)

Google, Director of Business Operations and Strategy

Movie icon File BYU_CS_Career_Seminar_-_Danny_Young_-_Google_-_03-29-12.key
Fall 2012
Sep 20 2012Graduate Student Showcase


Sep 27 2012Undergraduate Student Showcase


Oct 11 2012College Honored Alumnus Lecture: Audacity, Curiosity and Trust: Elements of a Successful Career

Danny Young

Google, Director of Business Operations and Strategy

Oct 17 2012Seeing Through Augmented Reality

Steven Feiner

Columbia University

Nov 15 2012Undergrad Career Seminar


Winter 2013
Jan 10 2013For the Birds: Pose-normalized Models for Fine-grained Object Recognition

Ryan Farrell

Research Scientist, International Computer Science Institute

Movie icon File For_the_Birds_Pose-normalized_Models_for_Fine-grained_Object_Recognition_-_Ryan_Farrell_-_01-10-13.pptx
Jan 17 2013Supporting the Social Media Needs of Emergency Public Information Officers with Human-Centered Design and Development

Amanda Lee Hughes

Post-doc, University of Colorado at Boulder

File Supporting_the_Social_Media_Needs_of_Emergency_Public_Information_Officers_with_Human-Centered_Design_and_Development_-_Amanda_Hughes_-_01-17-13.pptx Movie icon
Jan 24 2013Exploring the Information Needs of Software Developers

Jonathan Sillito

Associate Professor of Computer Science, University of Calgary

Movie icon File Exploring_the_Information_Needs_of_Software_Developers_-_Jonathan_Sillito_-_01-24-13.key
Jan 31 2013Skill and Billiards: Game Theory in Complex Domains

Chris Archibald

Post-doctoral Fellow, University of Alberta

Movie icon PDF icon Skill_and_Billiards-_Game_Theory_in_Complex_Domains_-_Chris_Archibald_-_01-31-13.pdf
Feb 07 2013Colloquium TBA -- Thursday, February 7th at 11:00 am in 1170 TMCB

Speaker TBA

Feb 21 2013Harnessing the Exponential: Challenges at the Frontier of Systems Research

Glenn Judd

Vice President, Morgan Stanley

File Harnessing_the_Exponential-Challenges_at_the_Frontier_of_Systems_Research_-_Glenn_Judd_-_2-21-13.pptx
Feb 28 2013Deploying Robots to Work In Concert with People – Human-Inspired Computational Techniques

Julie Shah

Assistant Professor, Department of Aeronautics and Astronautics, MIT

Office presentation icon Deploying_Robots_to_Work_In_Concert_with_People_-_Human-Inspired_Computational_Techniques_-_Julie_Shah_-_02-28-13.ppt
Mar 07 2013Subverting Success: Open Source Development for Fun and Profit

Hyrum Wright


PDF icon Subverting_Success-_Open_Source_Development_for_Fun_and_Profit_-_Hyrum_Wright_-_03-07-13.pdf
Mar 14 2013The Power of Data Mining and Machine Learning Techniques for Network Construction and Analysis

Reda Alhajj

Computer Science Professor, University of Calgary 

Movie icon File The_Power_of_Data_Mining_and_Machine_Learning_Techniques_for_Network_Construction_and_Analysis_-_Reda_Alhajj_-_03-14-13.pptx
Mar 21 2013Learning Symbolic Interfaces of Software Components

Zvonimir Rakamaric

Assistant Professor, University of Utah 

File Learning Symbolic Interfaces of Software Components - Zvonimir Rakamaric - 03-21-13.pptx Movie icon Learning Symbolic Interfaces of Software Components - Zvonimir Rakamaric -
Apr 11 2013Social Dynamics of Information

Kristina Lerman

Project Leader, University of Southern California Information Sciences Institute

Movie icon Social Dynamics of Information - Allocating Attention in the Age of Information Overload - Kristina Lerman -
Fall 2013
Sep 05 2013No Colloquium Today due to Graduate Student Orientation


Sep 12 2013ROS: an Open-Source Robot Operating System

Morgan Quigley

Sep 19 2013The Persistence of Passwords

Cormac Herley, Microsoft Research

Movie icon The Persistence of Passwords - Cormac Herley - Microsoft Research-Redmond -
Sep 26 2013No Colloquium Today Due to PhD Reviews


Oct 03 2013No Colloquium Today due to Faculty Meeting


Oct 10 2013College Honored Alumnus Lecture

Philip Low 

Oct 17 2013No Colloquium Today due to Faculty Meeting


Oct 31 2013Undergraduate Career Seminar


Nov 07 2013Student Research Showcase (Undergrad and Grad FFWD)TBA
Nov 14 2013Ethnicity Estimation at AncestryDNARoss Curtis
Nov 21 2013Colloquium: Big Data---Conceptual Modeling to the RescueDave EmbleyMovie icon A Conceptual Modeling Approach to Harvesting-Organizing-and Analyzing Scanned and OCRed Family History Documents - David W. Embley - BYU -
Nov 28 2013No Colloquium Today due to Thanksgiving


Dec 05 2013TBA


Dec 12 2013Colloquium: The Disappearing UIKarthik Ramani - Purdue University
Winter 2014
Jan 09 2014Graduate Student Orientation


Jan 16 2014No Colloquium Today due to Faculty Meeting


Jan 23 2014TBA


Jan 30 2014No Colloquium due to PhD Review


Feb 04 2014Colloquium: Fusion of Knowledge in Document Analysis: Application to Archive Documents

Bertrand Coüasnon

Feb 06 2014Colloquium: Analyzing Human-human Coordination and Human-automation Interaction via Model Checking using Formal Task Analytic Methods and Au

Ellen Bass

Feb 13 2014Colloquium: Opportunities from Social Media Data for Public Health

Mark Dredze

Feb 20 2014Colloquium: Computer Vision for Everyone: Fine-grained Object RecognitionRyan Farrell
Feb 27 2014Colloquium: CASAS Smart Home Project: Activity Learning in the WildDiane Cook
Mar 06 2014Colloquium: Modeling the Large-Scale Structure of Complex NetworksAaron ClausetMovie icon Modeling the Large-Scale Structure of Complex Networks - Aaron Clauset -
Mar 13 2014No Colloquium Today due to Faculty Meeting


Mar 20 2014Colloquium: It's Not Just Message Exposure Anymore: A New Paradigm for Health Media ResearchSherry Emery, MBA, PhDFile Doc1.docx
Mar 27 2014Colloquium: Harvard Medical SchoolAmy Williams
Apr 03 2014Colloquium: Undergrad Career Seminar

Steve Richardson

Apr 10 2014Colloquium: Human and Video: Big Data and Small DetailsJianbo Shi
Fall 2014
Sep 18 2014Colloquium: Learn How to Develop Hybrid Mobile ApplicationsDallan Quass
Sep 25 2014No Colloquium due to Faculty MeetingFaculty Meeting
Oct 02 2014No Colloquium due to PhD ReviewQuinn Snell
Oct 23 2014Why Graduate School?Dr. Eric Ringger
Nov 13 2014Plussing Pixels: Lessons Learned at PixarJacob Merrell
Nov 27 2014No Colloquium due to ThanksgivingMr. Turkey
Dec 11 2014Colloquium: Jeremy Warren, V.P. of VivintJeremy Warren
Winter 2015
Feb 09 2015Performance Evaluation in (Document) Image Interpretation ... an Undecidable ProblemBart Lamiroy
Mar 26 2015Deep Learning: Theory, Algorithms, and Applications to the Natural SciencesPierre BaldiMovie icon Pierre Baldi - Deep Learning for the Natural Sciences -
Apr 09 2015Measuring Human Energy IntakeAdam Hoover
Spring-Summer 2015
May 07 2015Enabling Long-Term Sensing Without BatteriesJacob Sorber
Fall 2015
Sep 10 2015Colloquium: Security and Usability Research at BYUKent Seamons and Daniel Zappala
Sep 17 2015Colloquium: No more Z's, no more D's: Transforming the CS Classroom with Active Learning Cynthia Lee
Sep 24 2015Colloquium: Structured Probabilistic Models for Understanding Neural Circuitry Eric Jonas
Oct 01 2015Colloquium: Understanding Visual Appearances in the Long-TailDeva Ramanan
Oct 08 2015CPMS Honored Alumni Lecture: In Vitro Fertilization: Past, Present and Future Dr. Randall Barnes
Oct 15 2015Colloquium: Why Grad School David WingateMovie icon Why Not Grad School - David Wingate - 10-15-15 -
Oct 22 2015No Colloquium due to Faculty Meeting
Oct 29 2015Colloquium: Living in the World: Preparing for Work and Life Beyond BYUHyrum Wright
Nov 05 2015Colloquium: Mining Social Media Data: Some Lessons LearnedHuan LiuMovie icon Mining Social Media Data - Some Lessons Learned - Huan Liu - File Mining Social Media Data - Some Lessons Learned - Huan Liu - 11-05-15.pptx
Nov 19 2015Colloquium: Ogres, dragons and pandas: Making dreams come to lifeAlan CheneyImage icon lightLFT.101.jpg
Nov 26 2015No Colloquium due to Thanksgiving
Dec 03 2015Sentiment Analysis and Lifelong Machine LearningBing Liu
Dec 10 2015Internet-Accessible Lethal Machines… What Could Possibly Go Wrong?Seth Nielson
Winter 2016
Jan 28 2016Opportunities for Technological Breakthroughs at FamilySearchJake Gehring and Jon Morrey
Feb 11 20163 Minute ThesisGrad Committee
Feb 25 2016Carolyn Beck Colloquium CancelledCarolyn Beck
Mar 10 2016The Other HPC: High-Productivity Computing in Polystore EnvironmentsBill Howe
Mar 17 2016Intellectual Property Law for Computer ScientistsJoseph Shapiro
Mar 24 2016No Colloquium due to Faculty MeetingFaculty Meeting
Mar 31 2016Learning Models for Robot Decision MakingThomas Howard
Spring-Summer 2016
May 05 2016On the Abuse and Defense of Internet ProtocolsCasey DeccioImage icon Casey Deccio.jpg
Fall 2016
Sep 22 2016Why Grad School?David Wingate
Oct 13 2016CPMS Honored Alumni Lecture - Chris ChaseTBA
Fall 2017
Sep 07 2017No Colloquium Today due to Graduate Student OrientationJen Bonnett
Sep 14 2017Challenges in Autonomous FlightSebastian SchererImage icon scherer_sebastian.jpg
Sep 28 2017The Past, Present, and Future of Digital DocumentsBrian Price and Scott Cohen
Oct 05 2017Voyaging Around the World With Christ as My Navigator and Ethnomathematics as the CompassLinda H.L. Furuto
Oct 12 2017Why Grad School?Christophe Giraud-Carrier
Oct 19 2017Language Comprehension and the Frontiers of AIPeter Lindes
Oct 26 2017Machine Learning for Detecting (and Generating!) Maliciousness in Information SecurityHyrum Anderson
Nov 09 2017The Potential of Personal DataJason Wiese
Nov 23 2017No Colloquium due to ThanksgivingJennie O
Nov 30 2017"Re-shade this!": production focus on changes to character shading pipeline in pixar's 'finding dory'Masha Ellsworth
Dec 14 2017Developing Multilingual OCR at Google: A Researcher's PerspectiveAshok Popat
Winter 2018
Jan 11 2018Grad Student OrientationChristophe Giraud-Carrier
Jan 18 2018No colloquium due to department faculty meetingMike Goodrich
Jan 25 2018TBATBA
Feb 01 2018No Colloquium TodayTBA
Feb 08 2018No Colloquium Due to Department Internal ReviewTBA
Feb 13 2018Department Faculty MeetingMike Goodrich
Feb 22 2018TBAFaculty Candidate
Mar 15 2018TBAFaculty Candidate
Mar 22 2018Information Needs as Software Engineering Moves from Monolithic Applications to Independent ServicesJonathan Sillito
Mar 29 2018TBAFaculty Candidate
Apr 05 2018No colloquium due to department faculty meetingMike Goodrich
Spring/Summer 2018
May 16 2018Flexible Static Analyzers for Frugal CompilersKimball Germane
May 17 2018Automated and Provable Privacy in Android applicationsPeter Aldous