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Career Seminar: Walmart Information Systems Security


Thursday, December 2, 2010 - 10:00am


Cord Leonhardt
Director of IT Security


Ken Rodham

Walmart Information Systems Security seeks to enable the efficient and effective implementation of secure and compliant systems, through the use of cutting edge technology.  In one month, Walmart Information Systems will block 105 million spam messages, more than 3 million viruses and will stop 144 million unauthorized attempts to penetrate their firewalls.  As the threat landscape continues to become more complex, it is critical for Walmart to partner with consumers and retailers to both set and follow best practices for assessing and protecting their systemic environment.   This talk will discuss Walmart’s efforts to achieve a high level of security for its information systems, which are among the largest and most complex in the world.


Cord Leonhardt is the IT Security Director at Walmart.  He oversees the company’s global information systems network and access control security. Cord is responsible for the strategic outlook and execution of all network security applications and infrastructure worldwide.

Cord was previously the Director of Point of Sale Systems where he was responsible for the development, deployment and stability of all point of sale devices and electronic payment systems.

Cord joined Walmart in 1988 and worked in Logistics before transferring to Information Systems Division in 1996.