Computing That Serves

Clothes Make the Man (or Princess)


Thursday, March 1, 2012 - 10:00am


Mark A. McLaughlin

Principal Software Engineer at Walt Disney Animation Studios


Mike Jones

This presentation will give a detailed look at the creation,
deployment and utilization of a custom dynamic cloth simulation system
at Walt Disney Animation Studies (WDAS).  Cloth simulations are a key
part of feature film production.  From a computational perspective,
cloth simulation is difficult for numerous reasons including compute
intensity, collision handling, art direction, and dealing with
non-physical situations.  We have solved those problems using a
variety of interesting techniques and a pinch of pixie dust.  I'll
present the magic behind some of those techniques. I'll also discuss
our experience using the resulting system in the production of Bolt,
Tangled, and the upcoming Wreck-It Ralph.   Please no photography or
recording at this event.


Mark McLaughlin is currently a Principal Software Engineer at
Walt Disney Animation Studios (WDAS), and has been at Disney for
almost 16 years. He has been programming in computer graphics for
almost 30 years. Mark graduated from the University of New Mexico with
a BS in CS in 1988 and from Brigham Young University with an MS in CS
in 1991.