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College Honored Alumnus Lecture: Space: Exploring the High Frontier with Humans, Robots, and Telescopes


Thursday, October 7, 2010 - 11:00am


Edward W. Gholdston (PhD ‘82)
Deputy Program Manager
Orion Crew Exploration Vehicle
Rocketdyne Division
United Technologies Corporation


Edward W. Gholdston completed a doctorate in physics at BYU and began his career with Texas Instruments in Dallas, Texas. He accepted a position with the Rocketdyne Division of Rockwell International (now United Technologies Corporation) in 1985 and has had multiple management roles. For the past four years he has been deputy program manager for the Orion Crew Exploration Vehicle project, with the task to design and build key elements of the electrical power system for the spacecraft.

Of his BYU experience, Gholdston says, “BYU has come to represent for me the clear proof that an outstanding academic institution can also in parallel provide an environment for spiritual growth and character development. I always encourage well-qualified students to apply, and I encourage alumni and friends to contribute to the many worthwhile programs sponsored by the university.”

He and his wife Merleen have three children.