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Colloquium: An Oracular Perspective on Java 8's New Features


Thursday, September 11, 2014 - 11:00am


Dan Smith


Kent Seamons

Java 8: A Ubiquitous Programming Language Evolves

September 11, 2014 11:00 AM 

1170 TMCB

Java SE 8 is the biggest update to the Java programming model since the language was created in 1996.  Oracle released JDK 8 in March, and this talk will help you know what's new (and hopefully encourage you to start using it!).  I'll talk about the language features, including lambda expressions and default methods.  I'll also discuss the process of designing, implementing, and standardizing these features; specifically, I'll address special considerations for evolving and refreshing a mature, ubiquitous programming language.


Daniel Smith is a Java language designer and compiler developer at Oracle. He recently led the specification efforts for JSR 335: "Lambda Expressions for the Java Programming Language", drafting much of the new text in the Java Language Specification, Java SE 8 Edition. He received a PhD in Computer Science from Rice University, doing research on type inference in object-oriented languages. He received a bachelor's degree from BYU.