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Model-Based Code Generation: Moving Finally from Utopia to an Affordable Dream?


Thursday, March 10, 2005 - 10:00am


Oscar Pastor, Head of the Computation and Information Systems Department at Valencia University of Technology

During the last two decades, a lot of research and industrial work has had the objective of generating code from a higher-level system specification, normally represented as a conceptual schema.  The failures to reach this goal create strong doubts about accepting any new proposals offering "just press the key, and get all the code.” However, the appearance of MDA (Model Driven Architecture) gives a push in this direction.  New methods propose sound model transformations, where conceptual primitives are precisely and formally defined, where conversions between conceptual schema (problem space) and its corresponding software components (solution space) is done in a well-defined way, making possible full automation of processes through use of “model compiler.” The colloquium talk will provide answers to questions required to build an MDA-based model compiler.  What conceptual primitives should be present in a system specification?  How should UML be used to represent the primitives in order to reduce complexity by identifying just those modeling constructs that are really necessary?  How can the compiler transform the high level problem space to the low level solution space?  And, what tool support is necessary to make a model compiler practical?


Prof. Dr. Oscar Pastor received his PhD in 1992. He was formerly a researcher at HP Labs in Bristol, UK, and is currently head of the Computation and Information Systems Department, at Valencia University of Technology, Spain.  He is author of over 100 research papers in conference proceedings, journals, and books, and has received numerous research grants from public institutions and private industry.  His research focuses on web engineering, object-oriented conceptual modeling, requirements engineering, information systems, and model-based software production.  He is leader of the project, undertaken since 1996 by the Valencia University of Technology and CONSOFT S.A., that originated the Oliva Nova Model Execution Engine, an advanced MDA-based tool that produces a final software product starting from a conceptual model. He has been a member of over 50 scientific committees, international conferences, and workshops, including CAiSE, ER, WWW, DSV/IS, RE, ADBIS, ICWE, CADUI, DEXA, EC-WEB, ICEIS..., and is a member of several editorial boards of journals and book series.  He has been a participant researcher in national and international research projects and been invited to give over 30 invited speeches at various universities and research centers.