Computing That Serves

The Power of Data Mining and Machine Learning Techniques for Network Construction and Analysis


Thursday, March 14, 2013 - 12:00pm


Reda Alhajj

Computer Science Professor, University of Calgary 


Christophe Giraud-Carrier

Colloquium is in 1170 TMCB.

Recent developments in the technology from
handheld devices to sensors to surveillance to microarrays to the wide
availability of the Web (e.g., social media, social networking, internet
of things, click stream, etc.) allow for electronically
capturing, collecting and maintaining large volumes of structured and
unstructured data leading to huge data repositories. Example data sources
include logs and transactions related to information retrieval
via Web access, to e-commerce such as click streams and retail
purchases, on-going events such as weather and stock market status, social
interactions such as social media and social networking, monitoring
systems such as traffic control, fraud detection, and homeland security,
and so on. Such data is recognized as a valuable resource for
knowledge discovery leading to effective decision making. Yet this can
happen only if these large volumes of data can be processed and analyzed
effectively. In this talk, network extraction from data will be
addressed and its benefit for various application domains will be
described. I will discuss effective and informative knowledge discovery
from data by describing a comprehensive framework which integrates
efficient and robust network modeling, data mining and machine
learning techniques to address variety of application domains including
database design, web log analysis and website structuring, disease
biomarker detection, social network analysis, etc.


Reda Alhajj is a Professor
in the Department of Computer Science at the University of Calgary, Alberta, Canada. He
published over 400 papers in reputable journals and fully refereed
international conferences. He served on the program committee of several
international conferences including IEEE ICDE, IEEE ICDM, IEEE IAT, SIAM
DM, etc. He also served as guest editor of several special issues and
the Program Chair of IEEE IRI 2008-2011, CaSoN 2009-2011, ASONAM
2009-2011, and OSINT-WM 2009-2011; he is steering chair for ASONAM,
FOSINT-SI and HI-BI-BI. He is editor in chief of SNAM and NetMAHIB
journals, the LNSN series, the ESNAM encyclopedia. He is on the editorial board
of several journals and associate editor of IEEE SMC- Part C. Dr.
Alhajj’s has a research group hosting large number of PhD and MSc
students working primarily in the areas of computational and systems
biology, data mining, multiagent systems, schema integration and
re-engineering, social networks and XML. He received Outstanding
Achievements in Supervision Award from the Faculty of Graduate Studies at
the University of Calgary.