Computing That Serves

Subverting Success: Open Source Development for Fun and Profit


Thursday, March 7, 2013 - 11:00am


Hyrum Wright



Chuck Knutson

Colloquium is in 1170 TMCB.

Open source software development allows anybody to get
online and get involved.  With the right set of
skills, and little more than an internet connection,
anyone can gain meaningful experience developing
software by working on an open source project.  This
talk outlines my own experiences in open source
communities, first as a volunteer, then as a developer
paid to work on Apache Subversion full-time.  I will
also discuss how open source software development
opens career and research opportunities, and give some
practical advice for somebody looking to get involved
in open source development.


Hyrum Wright is a software engineer at Google, based
in Pittsburgh.  He received a BS in Computer
Engineering from BYU, and MS and PhD degrees from the
University of Texas at Austin, with a research
emphasis in release engineering.  Over most of the
past decade, Hyrum has been involved in the
development of the Apache Subversion version control
system, serving as its release manage for four years,
and being a frequent presenter at developer and user
conferences.  He is a member of the Apache Software
Foundation.  Hyrum was president of the Subversion
Corporation, and was the Director of Open Source at
WANdisco, Inc prior to joining Google.  Hyrum and his
wife have four children.