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Why You Should Go To Graduate School


Thursday, October 16, 2008 - 12:00pm


Chris Monson
Software Engineer, Google

After finishing a degree in Electrical Engineering, Chris Monson walked away from school, convinced that he would never look back.  Fortunately, he was wrong.  After two false starts, he finally returned to obtain his MS and PhD degrees in the Computer Science Department at BYU.  Chris will discuss the general nature of graduate courses and research, whether to stay where you are or branch out, the opportunities obtained and costs incurred both during and after completion of a degree, and why Google isn't the only reason he's glad he went all the way with it.  While getting a graduate degree is not for everyone, finding out more about it is.  The decision to either obtain a graduate degree or go straight into industry is a difficult one, but like all decisions, it can be made easier with more data.  Plus, there's food.