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CS 453

Course Offerings

Section # Semester Instructor Website Description
1 Spring-Summer 2017 Dennis Ng
1 Spring-Summer 2016 Dennis Ng
1 Winter 2015 Dennis Ng Fundamentals of Information Retrieval
1 Winter 2014 Dennis Ng
1 Winter 2013 Dennis Ng
1 Spring 2012 Dennis Ng
1 Fall 2010 Dennis Ng

Short Summary: 

Fundamentals of Information Retrieval




Fundamentals of Information Retrieval


Fundamental concepts and terminology of the information retrieval (IR) system and study of it's design methodologies and design issues. Survey of various topics related to the IR system, which include classification and clustering, social search, relevance feedback, ranking, and indexing, in addition to understand the fundamental IR models, which include the Boolean, Vector Space, Probabilistic models, and evaluation strategies of the IR system. 


Fundamentals of Information Retrieval