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CS 142 Test-Out

Who Should Consider Testing Out

142 test-out is for students who need to take CS 235 and already have sufficient programming background to succeed in 235. They must be proficient in all aspects of what is taught in 142 including pointers, objects and classes, polymorphism, etc. Successful test-out allows the student to enroll in 235. If they pass 235 on their first attempt, they then receive A credit for 142. Otherwise, they must enroll in and pass 142 (not test-out again) before they can enroll in 235. You may only apply for test-out if CS 142 is not on your transcript (including incomplete and withdraw). If you are in a major, other than CS, which requires CS 142, verify with your Department that this test-out will fulfill your requirement.

Since you are testing out in order to enroll in 235, it is up to you to start the process soon enough. Allow 2 weeks after your final submission to get your results graded and back, but realize that grading may not happen between semester breaks. If you want to take 235 fall semester, you might start in June or early July so that you have final feedback in early August, well in advance of the semester start.

Test-Out Requirements

You will implement labs 6-10 of the regular 142 course. You will subscribe to a test-out version of the 142 zyBook. This zyBook has a reduced cost (~$30) compared to the full class subscription. If you fail the test-out and decide to take 142 you will need to subscribe at full-cost (~$80) to the semester zyBook. You ONLY need to submit main labs 6-10 (note that main lab 6 has two parts). The specs for main labs 6-10 are found at the end of chapters 6-10 in the zyBook. You may develop code for the projects directly in your zyBook or in an IDE of your choice. However, the labs must be submitted through your zyBook. The zyBook uses test cases to auto-grade your submitted labs. You must receive the maximum auto-grade points on all 5 labs in order to pass. You get unlimited submissions for auto-grade to get your code debugged and receive maximum points.

After you have completed all labs, a TA will grade your code for each lab for any infractions of style (see style and details) or lab requirements given in each specification. Your average lab score (after any reductions) must be greater than 90% in order to pass.

Test-Out steps

  1. Send a notification e-mail to that you are ready to start the test-out process.
         ***​Please note that when you e-mail to start the test-out process your 30 days will begin immediately.
  2. We will then e-mail you instructions for subscribing to the test-out zyBook.
  3. Subscribe to the zyBook and successfully implement and submit each lab for maximum auto-grade points. Pay careful attention to style and specific lab requirements.
  4. You have 30 days from receipt of the subscription e-mail to submit all your labs and reply to that e-mail stating that you are finished and ready for grading.
  5. We will e-mail you your results. If you pass, you may reply to that e-mail with a 235 section request and we will e-mail you an add code.
  6. If you desire BYU credit for 142, after you pass 235 (on the first try with C- or higher) e-mail to have your 142 credits (A grade) added to your transcript.

If you have questions about the test-out process, you may contact the Undergraduate Advisor- Lynnette Nelson. After subscribing to zyBooks, you may talk with a CS 142 TA (when 142 is being taught) for questions about lab specs or how to use zyBooks, but not for help with developing or debugging your code. Good luck!!