Course Title Semester
C S 483 Data Science Capstone 2 Winter 2021
C S 601R Graduate Topics in C S Winter 2021
C S 324 Systems Programming Fall 2021
C S 452 Database Modeling Concepts Fall 2021
C S 601R Graduate Topics in C S Winter 2022
C S 482 Data Science Capstone 1 Fall 2022
C S 501R Adv Topics in Computer Sci Fall 2022


Dr. Snell graduated with a PhD from Iowa State University in 1997. He joined BYU that Fall semester teaching systems courses and doing research in parallel and distributed algorithms and systems. He directed the Fulton Supercomputing Lab from 2001-2006. In 2011, Dr. Snell went on sabbatical with GE Global Research in Niskayuna, NY doing research in Big Data Systems and Computational Science. His current research is focussed on Big Data Systems and Data Analytics. He is a Co-director of the interdisciplinary Computational Health Sciences Research Group with professors and students from Computer Science, Statistics, and Public Health. Their research looks at large datasets from goverment and social media and effects on public health patterns and predictions.


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Computational Creativity and Control