In addition to the general computer science major, the Computer Science Department offers a choice of emphases for students who want to specialize in a particular area of computer science. Students choosing an emphasis receive a BS in Computer Science with the chosen emphasis.

A Software Engineering emphasis is available for students who want to focus on creating software. Students completing the software engineering emphasis will gain skills in programming, software design, software architecture, and software development best practices. Upon graduation, software engineering students will be prepared to contribute to large software development projects at leading software development companies like Amazon and Google.

A Data Science emphasis prepares students with the practical and theoretical tools of modern data science. The emphasis draws on machine learning, statistics, optimization and big data to position students to contribute in this dynamic and fast-growing field in either industry or academia.

For students who want to work in animation, an Animation Emphasis is available. Students completing the animation emphasis will learn both the technical and artistic side of creating and implementing digital animations and games. Upon graduation, they will be prepared for technical positions at animation and game programming studios.

Students who want to build software to assist in analyzing biological systems are offered a Bioinformatics Emphasis. Bioinformatics students graduate with backgrounds in biology coupled with the software development and analytical skills necessary to implement large bioinformatics applications.

In addition to the Computer Science major and emphasis, a 19-credit Minor in Computer Science is also available.