The Computer Science Department at BYU is committed to producing graduates equipped with the skills to succeed in a rapidly transforming industry. Our classes not only teach the newest and most groundbreaking technologies, but the theories and fundamentals that produce astute and innovative minds.

Department Information

The department was created in 1968 and is housed in the Talmage Building on the BYU campus. Its BS program is accredited by the ABET Accreditation Council. The department's 20 research labs, open to graduate and undergraduate students, have produced advancements and publications in some of the industry's most revolutionary technologies.

The Curriculum

The curriculum core acquaints students with programming skills and languages in a context that helps them understand computational theory while learning real-world applications. Core requirements give students a breadth of knowledge that helps them become competent problem solvers in a wide range of technology-related areas.

  • Elective courses give students the option to gain specialized knowledge in a number of subjects, including graphics, systems, applications, software engineering, and machine learning. Core and elective course descriptions can be found under the All Course Offerings page.

Our Students

Our students are noted for their ability to learn quickly and think creatively. Each year they are recruited by some of the world's top tech and research companies for jobs and internships. Many of them have received prestigious grants including the Google Anita Borg Scholarship, NFS Grants, and National Science and Engineering Fellowships.

Get Involved

BYU Computer Science seeks to foster synergistic relationships with corporate leaders in order to create real-world experiences for students and provide businesses with access to the discipline's brightest young minds. Corporate partners are able to gain quality programmers, evaluate potential employees, and contribute to technology education. Here are some ways you can get involved: