The Graduate Policy Handbook is a document containing current policy and guidelines for the BYU Computer Science Graduate Programs. The purpose of the handbook is to have a single consistent repository of current graduate policies easily accessible to both faculty and students. This will aid consistent implementation of the graduate program and facilitate modification and improvement of polices through open dialogue. Responsibility for maintenance and update of the document lies with the graduate committee. Major changes to policy are made only after presentation to and vote of the graduate faculty.

Throughout the body of the document portions of the text appear with emphasis (such as this section). These portions add clarifying discussion and often give the background about why certain policy decisions were made. This knowledge should aid in understanding the real reason and goals behind an otherwise obtuse policy and discussion for improving and modifying the policy.

In order to maintain consistency, the only other document describing our graduate policy will be the Computer Science entry in the BYU Graduate Studies Catalog. As a service we will make this available to those desiring a briefer description of our graduate program. Other useful documents may also be created, such as information handouts on our MS and PhD program, but these are not policy documents.

The BYU Graduate Studies Catalog gives minimum university standards and other graduate guidelines beyond those contained in this document and should be read by both faculty and students. As stated in the Graduate Studies Catalog, the University expects departments to maintain specific policies, which policies are the content of this document. Though both documents should be consistent, if conflict occurs, this document has precedence for our department.

The policies provided herein are meant to benefit the educational process of the student. If special cases arise, we are always willing to consider modifications of these guidelines to best fit the specific situation. Inquiries about exceptions should be directed to the Graduate Coordinator.