• BYU students win E3 game competition

    She’s a little bit classical; he’s a little bit rock and roll. And they fight to the beat of a classical-rock mashup in a video game that just earned BYU students top prize in E3's College Game Competition.

  • Playing with Swarms

    Hearing Dr. Michael Goodrich talk about his research in human-robot interaction, you might not realize that he works at all.   “[Human-robot interaction is] a great place to play,” Goodrich said. “It’s mostly play for me. . . . If it has a human and it has a robot, I am probably interested in it.”
  • YubiKey Usability Study Represents Undergraduate Research Success

    Joshua Reynolds will present research he completed as a BYU undergraduate on YubiKey usability at the 39th IEEE Symposium on Security and Privacy on May 23, 2018. This is the top academic computer security conference where only 11 percent of all papers submitted were accepted this year.

  • "Alexa, can we have a real conversation?"

    Ask her what she likes and she has an answer ready for you: “Holy rusted metal, Batman, I enjoy science. Especially astronomy.” Ask her to tell you about herself more generally? She’s still figuring that one out: “There’s not much to tell. I’m a complicated pile of software running on Amazon’s servers.
  • Student-Developed App is an Instagram Game Changer

    Millennials might need to put down their avocado toast for this news: BYU computer science student Candice Lusk has developed the perfect solution for 20-somethings posing for Instagram photos as they courageously backpack through Tibet and Thailand.

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