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2017 Campaign Internships

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Part-Time (off campus)

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Friday, September 15, 2017

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This is a very unique year for politics in Utah and Provo in particular.  We had a congressman resign mid term, we have more candidates running than any time in history, representing more parties than any time previously.  Additionally, we have a non-partisan race for several important city offices - mayor and 4 city council seats.  Most people are far more impacted by what happens in the city elections than the congressional races.  But, the congressional race is likely to get much more press.  All 6 of these elections will be on the same ballot.  And for the 1st time the elections will be mail-in voting rather than voting in person.

  I am running for the city wide seat on Provo's City Council.  And, I am looking for some serious IT/IS help.  This is a 'ground floor' opportunity to make a significant impact and work in a very dynamic 'real world' situation which will have a direct impact on what happens in Provo the next 4 years and probably well into this century and potentially beyond.

I'm struggling to get a website off the ground.  I need someone who can take a rough/rudimentary website and embelish it to 'state of the art' status and then manage it for the next 6 months (through mid November at a minimum).  Adding, modifying content and various interfaces, coordinating by directional communications, sorting/filtering, prioritizing, etc.  It will also be important to have the content interact with many forms or social media, our campaigns, other campaigns, news media, FB accounts - personal, groups, the city council's , Mayor's and others, as well as Provo's 34 neighborhood FB pages.

We are also looking for someone who has skills/knowledge/expertise/interest in managing several different venues of direct electronic/digital communications and data mining the lists to maximize and improve bilateral communications with the various various groups of recipients.  There will need to be some culling of the lists and analytical analysis to determining the potential value of other sources of contacts and possible attendant data to combine and collate.

This is an initial job spec of at least 2 different roles (maybe it should be or will morph into more).  The postions will be fast paced and change/evolve as the campaign moves forward.  They are NOT just 'file this and file that' positions.  They are key, integral positions will require significant direct involvement and the suggestions and recommendations of the student will have a direct impact on he entire campaign and its success.

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3212 N Shadowbrook Dr. Provo 84604
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Michael Roan

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801 830-3250

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Computer Science minors
Information Systems
Information Technology

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June, 2017 to June, 2018