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Co-Founder - Full Stack Developer

Type of Position: 

Part-Time (off campus)

Application Deadline: 

Friday, January 12, 2018

International Students: 


Job Description: 

Seeking Full-Stack Developer interested in becoming a co-founder for a new survey/software company. Must be awesome.

Apply if the following sounds appealing: 

  • Opportunity to be a co-founder of a startup
  • Start a company to change the status quo
  • Build a product from scratch that users will love
  • Work tirelessly to make your users happy
  • Lose sleep over one misplaced line of code
  • Doesn't know a lot but will work at a problem until the solution is found
  • Put off pay for 6 months in exchange for equity in a company that explodes 

Do not apply if this stuff sounds appealing:

  • Dull 9-5 job where you work until you're 65+ doing boring programming
  • Work for someone else who tells you what to do
  • Know everything and never need to learn
  • Maintain a boring product that someone already built years ago for boring users
  • Need an intership so you can get the required bare minimum credits to graduate
  • Being employee #967 at a large corporation
  • Job with no equity or ownership

Details About The Opportunity
First Impression is a survey/software company that increases conversion rates for call centers. We are looking for a full-stack developer who is passionate about a startup lifestyle. Must have basic knowledge of hosting servers, API integration, and Node.js. Must hate job interviews.

How to Apply
Please DO NOT submit a resume. We won't read it. Instead, pick your favorite Marvel movie from the MCU (17 total). Build a program, product, and/or website that explains why the movie you picked is the best of the 17 released. Email us the details.

Company Info

Company Name: 

First Impression

Company Location: 

Lindon Utah

Other Company Info: 

Contact Information

Contact Name: 

Ryan Gray

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Other Accepted Majors: 

Computer Science minors
Information Systems
Information Technology

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Desired Graduation Date Range: 

December, 2017 to May, 2019