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Data ETL Engineer - Remote OK

Type of Position: 

Part-Time (off campus)

Application Deadline: 

Monday, January 15, 2018

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Job Description: 

We're looking for someone who can manage our data imports/processing pipeline. It's a great little application written in ruby and consists of a collection of sidekiq jobs that execute in batches on regular (and irregular) schedules.

Your first responsibility would be to tend to the sidekiq jobs and make sure everything is flowing nicely. You'll work with a little autoscaling group of EC2 servers on AWS and respond to alerts when things go wrong. You'll write and deploy code to fix bugs and generally make things run more smoothly.

We have some sidekiq jobs that need to be started manually. These are great candidates for you to automate as they will make your life easier.

Most of the sidekiq jobs run Monday through Friday during regular business hours. Some do run on the weekend (including Sundays), and if something goes wrong on those your response time would need to be within a few hours. We can always provide backup coverage for you if you are not going to be available for certain periods of time.

Your second responsibility would be to build new sidekiq jobs that process incoming data files. We receive data in all kinds of flat file formats (Excel, CSV, etc) and transform and enrich it to be used in our data analytics product. You would write ruby code to process this incoming data. Prior experience with ruby is not required as long as you can learn on your feet. We've got lots of examples of existing data processing jobs for you to use as a starting point.

We're extremely flexible. You can work wherever you like and, generally, whenever you like. We just ask that you be very reachable via Slack in the event of alerts and also to chat about new specs for new types of incoming data.

You must be dependable and very independently motivated.

Starting pay is $25-30/hour depending on experience.

Here at Operational Results we're a small, fun company that is transforming the way companies do Sales and Operations Planning. We have a great analytics product called the Excellence Suite that companies big and small use to measure and improve all aspects of their business.

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Operational Results, Inc

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Highland, UT

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Cody Nolden

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Computer Science minors
Information Systems
Information Technology

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December, 2017 to December, 2020