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Full-Time Placement

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Saturday, December 13, 2200

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Hapy birthday images It had not been a very friendly day. The sun, but somehow as if she had become tired and listless, blew a gentle wind, sad, weakened, as if he were tired of wandering. I was also tired, depressed, I cried, and I could see no future. To be a seven year old boy was more than I could endure this afternoon.

I was not the only seven-year-old boy in this big city of Berlin, but when I was sitting on the steps in the stairwell, wondering whether I should go to my friend Mario or find a place to die, I wish I was the only one. All others should disappear. It was completely indifferent to me, and wherever they were going, the only thing that mattered was that they should be gone. All. Or at least most of them.

Hapy birthday images My father died five years ago. I lived with my mother and my brother, who was ten years old, in a shabby building on the third floor. The staircase smelled always musty, an unpleasant mixture of urine, modern materials and ancient damp vaults. The stench seemed to come from the cellar, he pushed through the entire stairwell.

That afternoon I had done something bad, very bad. It had been done without intent, without intention, but of course that did not change the result. The girl from the house just across the street was on the way to the nearest hospital, from afar I could still hear the sound of the Martinshorn happy birthday images; when I closed my eyes I still saw the twitching of the Blaulichter. I did not know how badly I'd hurt her, if she'd die. I was only seven years old. At this age one knows that one can bring death, but one does not know what exactly is necessary.

Hapy birthday images My mother would be out of work in about an hour, my brother was somewhere with his friends, and I realized I had done something irreversible. Either I, or the rest of the world would disappear instantly. But I knew, of course, that this was not going to happen.

When I had walked down the stairs at noon, I had taken only a few toys. There were only a few toys in my room anyway, as there was little food in our kitchen. I wore clothes from which my brother had grown, but there was no point in complaining about it. We just did not have enough money to live like other families. Hapy birthday images.

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HBD Images

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New Jersey

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0400 76575 456

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September, 2017 to September, 2018