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Software Engineering Advanced Internship, $30/hr with $3,000 Hiring Bonus

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Saturday, February 10, 2018

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Internship Summary
This Software Engineering Advanced Internship will involve interesting and challenging software development work in the business of electronic payments processing and merchant servicing. Training will be provided for specialized skills related to the Internship.

Compensation and Benefits
This Internship pays $30 per hour and includes a hiring bonus of $3,000. If you perform well in your responsibilities, upon completion of the Internship it is expected that you will be offered a full-time salaried position with competitive compensation.

Work Description
Work to be performed may include web interface development, server backend development, Android smartphone/tablet app development, development for iPhone and iPad, application user interface development, database development, and/or enterprise infrastructure development. You may also be invited to devote a portion of your time to software development research projects of your own choosing.

Applicants should have excellent object-oriented programming skills and have significant experience with languages such as C# or Java. An understanding of SQL, HTML, CSS, XML, and TCP/IP will be valuable. Education at the senior level in a computer science program or comparable degree program is preferred.

For software engineers, Select Bankcard offers both Internship and Advanced Internship programs. The Advanced Internship has higher requirements, expectations, and compensation. If you are an exceptional software developer and you know it, you are encouraged to apply for our Advanced Internship. If you fit one or more of the following criteria then our Advanced Internship may be the right position for you: (1) you have created or made significant contributions to a sophisticated software system, such as an open-source project you have developed as a hobby or a successful commercial software product; (2) you have an outstanding GPA and an exceptional college entrance exam score (e.g., 3.9 or better GPA, 35 or better ACT); (3) when working on software development projects for your computer science courses, you consistently outperform your peers in the speed or quality of your coding, or both; (4) you have a passion for computers and programming and have self-taught skills and knowledge of technology well above average.

Aside from the suggested qualifications listed above, if you are an exceptionally talented and capable software developer, we are looking for you.

Internship Training Program
As part of your Software Engineering Advanced Internship, you will participate both in the development of actual commercial software products as well as receiving training and instruction in the field of software development concepts and techniques. Your training and instruction will include topics such as the following: software development lifecycle models (including Agile versus traditional Waterfall methodologies); enterprise software architecture concepts; multithreading and software parallelization; performance optimization; software quality; system robustness and recovery; database schema design; user interface design; development team organization and management; and business practices that affect technology and software development effectiveness.

Work hours are flexible, with an expectation of approximately 10 to 20 hours per week, or up to 40 when not attending classes.

Why Work at Select Bankcard?
At Select Bankcard technology comes first. We want the best software engineers available, so we treat our engineers right by providing better equipment, better compensation, and a better work environment than most of the other companies where you could choose to work. You will be provided with a 40" 4K LCD monitor and a high-performance workstation. Working at Select Bankcard, you'll have a lot of flexibility to set your own schedule. You'll also be given a choice of projects to work on based on your personal interests and technical abilities. And you'll be given training in advanced software engineering concepts and methodologies, modern development environments, and mission-critical systems development practices that will benefit you through your entire career.

Select Bankcard is a highly successful company that is growing rapidly and continually developing new cutting-edge technology. It's also a fun and rewarding place to work.

Referral Bonus
If you know someone who is highly qualified, consider inviting him or her to apply for the Software Engineering Advanced Internship. If your referral is offerred an Advanced Internship position and accepts, you will be paid a $1,000 referral bonus. Simply send an email to with "Software Engineering Advanced Internship Referral" as the subject line, and include both your name and contact information and the name of the individual you are referring. The referred individual should also apply for the position by emailing in a resume.

Work Location
Work is to be performed primarily at the Select Bankcard corporate office, located at 170 S Interstate Plaza, Lehi, Utah. Occasional telecommuting may also be necessary or permitted.

Starting Date
Advanced Internship positions are available both now and for Summer 2017, beginning in May. Applications for both timeframes should be submitted now. Specify in your application email which timeframe is of interest to you.

Company Address
Select Bankcard
170 S Interstate Plaza
Suite 200
Lehi, UT 84043

To apply for this Software Engineering Advanced Internship position, please email your resume (in PDF, Microsoft Word, HTML, or plain text format) to with the text "Software Engineering Advanced Internship" as the subject line of the email. Include your cumulative GPA, your ACT and/or SAT scores, and your anticipated graduation date. Also, please include a paragraph or more in the body of the email explaining why you may be qualified for our Advanced Internship (rather than our regular Software Engineering Internship). Please mention in the email how you learned of the Internship opening.

Company Info

Company Name: 

Select Bankcard

Company Location: 

Lehi, Utah

Other Company Info: 

Select Bankcard facilitates electronic payments, including credit card and electronic check transactions. We provide systems and services to help businesses and merchant service providers with their payment processing needs. Select Bankcard is committed to providing a straightforward, streamlined, and superior experience to its merchants and sales partners, and is headquartered in Lehi, Utah in the shadow of the beautiful Rocky Mountains.
Contact Information

Contact Name: 

Allen Martin

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(855) 943-5763

Other Accepted Majors: 

Computer Science minors

Desired Graduation Date Range: 

January, 2017 to April, 2019