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Welcome to the learning resources page!

This is a new page that for now has tutorials for web development, but will expand to contain tutorials for other areas of computer programming. These resources have been specifically selected because they are the most commonly used resources for learning web development. We recommend that you start by using the web programming tutorials. The best use of these resources is to learn the programming languages and technologies in the following order:

  1. HTML
  2. CSS
  3. JavaScript
  4. JQuery
  5. AngularJS

Codecademy and Khanacademy have the best tutorials for HTML, CSS, and Javascript. Codecademy also has good Angularjs and Jquery tutorials. w3schools has really good documentation on all of these. Once you master the 5 mentioned above, you can look through the rest of our resources. If you want to make your own personal website, it is good to know that BYU allows for each student to get a free domain name. Go to to sign up.

Git Repositories for Saving Files Online and Versioning

Free Domain Name for Professors and Students

Online Code Editors for Non Web Programming Languages

Non Web Programming Language Tutorials

Coding Challenges