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Microsoft Software (MSDN AA)

DreamSpark / The Microsoft Developers Network Academic Alliance (MSDN AA) product is a licensing program donated to the BYU Computer Science Department by Microsoft.  This program allows faculty and students free use of certain Microsoft professional-level developer/designer software, tools and online resourcess for academic and non-profit research purposes.

This service has a few restrictions:

  • During the semester: MSDN AA is not available between semesters and terms. It will become available each semester/term by 2:00 p.m. two business days after the add/drop deadline.
  • Currently taking CS course: You need to be currently taking at least one course offered by the BYU Computer Science Department to install the software on your personal machine and use in your coursework and for personal development projects. Our agreement with Microsoft does not allow us to give retroactive access to a student who took a CS class in a prior semester.
  • Non-commercial purposes You can use MSDN AA software for any courses you are taking or projects you are working on, not just those related to the Computer Science Department. You can continue to use your MSDN AA software (for non-commercial purposes) even after you graduate. However, you are responsible to keep track of your product keys and other information. You will not be able to access them if you are not enrolled in a CS class during the current semester.

Click here to access MSDN AA. For more information about MSDN AA, please click here