We give our best wishes to the

2019-2020 Computer Science graduates!




Chris Archibald

Congratulations on your graduation! As you embark on the next phase of your life, I hope the lessons and skills you have learned during your time here will enable you to have the positive impact on the world and joy that you desire. I also hope you have learned how to have faith in the face of hardship, and peace and hope despite the world. God bless!




My heartfelt congratulations to each of you! This milestone in your lives came with a very unexpected twist. While we lament the missed opportunity to celebrate with you and your loved ones, we are elated at the prospects that lie before you. We have every confidence that you will take the light and knowledge that you have gained in your time at BYU, and as you proceed forth into the world, you will be blessed with limitless opportunities to utilize your individual gifts and talents to bless others. We love you and will continue to pray for your continued success in future endeavors!


During the Corona Pandemic, I have been amazed by the resilience and tenacity that our senior students have displayed. I wish we could meet with each of you individually to express our confidence in you moving forward, but I would like to congratulate you generally and express my confidence that you will continue to face unprecedented circumstances in the same way you have dealt with COVID-19.


Best wishes to all CS graduates (well...best wishes to non-CS graduates too, but...). Please send back some of those sweet dineros when you think of us (or at least stay in touch if you're too selfish to send money ;-) ). But most of all, I hope you each love your life's work and continue to find ways to serve God and man throughout your life. 


Dear graduating seniors! You are embarking on a new adventure and I wish you all the best! May you remember fondly the experiences you had here at BYU-the studying and the socializing, the effort and the emotions, the tradition and the training. You will always have a piece of BYU in you. Annie Pike Greenwood wrote of it as, "the college that we love" and encouraged us to "raise our standard-bear it through" with "hearts...true to the BYU" (College Song, 1899). Believe in yourself, believe in God-and believe in BYU. Make a difference-in your workplace, in your community, and in your family. We love you and believe in you!


Congratulations! As you enter this next stage in life, may you be guided to bless all around you. You have my utmost trust that you will "go forth to serve." 


Congratulations on your graduation and best wishes for your next adventures. The CS Department is so proud of all your hard work and resilience during these troubling times. As you move forward in your professional and personal endeavors, I hope you will take with you all that you have learned during your time at BYU. I love the BYU motto "Enter to learn go forth to serve." Now, go conquer the world, chase your dreams, and serve those around you. Congrats class of 2020!


Congratulations on an incredible milestone! It has been a great honor associating with you these past four or five or...years. :)  We hope that your experience at BYU is one you will cherish for the rest of your life, and that you will come visit BYU often in the future. We expect to hear great things from this graduating class - the class that survived Corona Virus! Best of luck to you in all you do!




Hey, so this year is not AT ALL what we expected, is it? As you, our graduates, move out into the world I hope you'll keep in mind that moments of crisis also bring unprecedented opportunities: opportunity for growth, opportunity to serve, and opportunity to spot emerging new career paths. You are entering post-graduate life at a unique point in world history. Seize your moment, and be magnificent!

Darin Gates

Congratulations to each of you! Although you are graduating in a difficult and somewhat uncertain time, I am confident that each of you will be successful in finding your way forward. I was very impressed with both your intelligence and your goodness. You have worked incredibly hard to acquire skills that will benefit both you and many others. Always remember the ethical limits and conditions of success. Remember that "though integrity does not guarantee success, there can be no [true] success without it."

Kimball Germane


Michael  Goodrich







Congratulations and best wishes on your plans after graduation. The end of the semester went differently than we all hoped, but I trust that it will all turn out well. We missed being with you at graduation, celebrating your accomplishments and saying thank you to the people who supported you along the way. Keep in touch!


Congratulations for all your efforts leading to your graduation. We are excited by the quality of our students and the great things that you have the capacity to do in the world. As you use your careers to support your life and family always remember to represent the values you learned at BYU. Let your light shine both technically and also by representing that which is good and using your talents to bring happiness to others. We wish you the best!




Congratulations, seniors! You truly are a special graduating class in so many ways. It's been wonderful to see your growth in your time here. When I graduated from BYU years ago and started my first job, I wrote this on the whiteboard in my first office: "Know what you don't know." Every time I've started a new position that challenged me; I've written that on my whiteboard again. Think of it two ways: 1) a reminder to be humble enough to recognize that there are things you don't know, and 2) a challenge to yourself to someday know what you don't know today. Go forward, be amazing, and always know what you don't know. 


I can't express how happy I am for all of you. My life has been so richly blessed to know you. I know you will go forth and make a difference in the world for good. If life brings you to campus, please stop in and say hi! Best wishes for a bright future!




Dear CS Graduates, I wish we could all be together for your graduation. One of the best parts of being a professor is celebrating with you and your families at this special time. I want you to know it has been a privilege for me to work with you and to see you grow in your time at BYU. I wish you well in all your future endeavors, and hope you will keep me updated on how you are doing. Please come by and visit when you are on campus. 


As you depart BYU for your future professional endeavors and are thinking about getting some tattoos (and I hope you don't), consider duct tape instead and put "Think more, code less!" on your right arm, "Get something working and don't break it!" on your left arm, and "No coding after midnight!" across your forehead. Congratulations and I wish you all the best!


You did it; congratulations! I want you to know that you will have blessings and opportunities that will come your way, because of your sacrifices, hard work, and determination. Those blessings and opportunities may not come right away and may not come in the way you want, but they will come. Have hope and believe in God's promises. Now, take the time to enjoy your successes and breathe and be happy for what you have accomplished. You've done amazing things and will continue to do amazing things! 


Congratulations! I am excited for your future. I expect that your lives will continue to take unexpected turns, but you have the tools and principles to make meaningful contributions and be happy. Please keep in touch. 


Congratulations dear students! It has been an honor and a pleasure to interact with many of you over the past few years, I am grateful to have had that opportunity. I am impressed with your abilities, both your technical abilities and your abilities to care for those around you. I wish you well as you go out into the world. I am confident that you will make it a better place!

Jonathan Sillito

Congratulations! Too bad we don't get to celebrate your graduation together, but best wishes with the next chapter of your life. I'm sure you will be a blessing to those around you, wherever you end up!






Congratulations! Although we can't celebrate all of your hard work and accomplishments together this year, it's been inspiring for me to get to know and work alongside so many of you. I have great hopes and expectations of the important work many of you will do, whether widely recognized or not. You have the power to make a difference!


I've had a lot of you as students in CS 428, and it's been a privilege for me to do my best to share my war stories and hard-bought lessons with all of you. I've appreciated the great questions and keen insights that you've shown, and I hope I've given you useful tools and guides to steer between Scylla and Charybdis. Keep reading and never stop learning. And always, always feel free to drop me a note and let me know how you're doing. Now, go conquer the world! (P.S. Forgive the red-and-white sweatshirt; it was one of the few unbearded photos of me I could find. :-) )

Jerod Wilkerson

Congratulations graduates! This is a great accomplishment an we are very proud of you. It has been great working with you. Good luck in whatever comes next. 


Congratulations to all of you! While a pandemic is no fun, I did think it was gratifying to see how computer scientists brought the world together in a time of crisis. You've been taught some amazing things - now go and make the world a better place!

Daniel Zappala

I miss seeing you! I'm sad that we didn't get to see you off in a formal graduation ceremony. Please stay in touch and let us know how you're doing. One of the things I've learned from this semester is that it is OK to admit life has gotten a bit rough and to take some time away when you need it. I hope you all take some time to relax at the end of your last semester before heading off on your path forward. We love each of you and we look forward to your brilliant futures. You all shine with the glory of God!