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This Alum Wants to Turn Your House into a Robot

You don’t need to talk to Lanny Lin for very long before you learn what his passion is.

Researchers use Wikipedia to give AI context clues

Walk into a room, see a chair, and your brain will tell you that you can sit in it, tip it over or lift it up, but you wouldn't even consider drinking it, promoting it or unlocking it.

Improving the Quality of Neural Machine Translation Using Terminology Tokenization

Duane K. Dougal: MS Thesis Proposal
Friday, September 15, 3:00PM
3350 TMCB
Advisor: Deryle Lonsdale

DRE: A Differentiable Reasoning Engine for Common-sense Knowledge Inference

Daniel Ricks: MS Thesis Defense
Tuesday, September 12, 2:00PM
3350 TMCB
Advisor: David Wingate


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