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How secure are your messages?

Researchers at BYU have learned that users are leaving themselves exposed to fraud and hacking because they aren't using important security options.

A General-Purpose Animation System for 4D

Justin Jensen: MS Thesis Defense

Friday, August 4, 10:30AM

3350 TMCB

Advisor: Robert Burton


The Annotation Cost of Context Switching: How Topic Models and Active Learning [May Not] Work Together

Nozomu Okuda: MS Thesis Defense

Thursday, July 27, 2:00PM

3350 TMCB

Advisor: Kevin Seppi

The OGCleaner: Detecting False-Positive Sequence Homology

Stanley Fujimoto: MS Thesis Defense/PhD Qualifying Exam

Monday, June 19, 10:00 am

3350 TMCB- Conference Room

Advisor: Mark Clement


Using Multiview Annotation to Annotate Multiple Images Simultaneously

Timothy Price: MS Thesis Defense

Wednesday, June 28, 10:00 am

3350 TMCB- Conference Room

Advisor: Ryan Farrell