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From Personal Computer to Personal Assistant: Dr. David Embley's Data Engineering Laboratory

Dr. David W. Embley, a 2006 recipient of the Karl G. Maeser Award in Research and Creative Arts, has focused his research on information extraction from webpages. His research makes it possible for users to have their computers answer specific questions, rather than just typing in a search and receiving lists of webpage references. This new technology has the potential to dramatically alter the ways in which humans interact with machines in everything from surfing the web to researching family history.

Disney Imagineering interested in CS students

Disney Theme Parks and Resorts, in conjunction with AfterCollege, Inc., is inviting BYU students in computer science to apply for internships with Disney. Paid Professional Internships are available in various areas at the Walt Disney World Resort, Disneyland Resort, and Walt Disney Imagineering. 

IDeA lab receives $700,000 grant from NSF

Getting Good IDeAs: The National Science Foundation announced last Wednesday that it would back a BYU Computer Science lab, the IDeA (Information and Decision Algorithm) Lab, which is co-directed by Computer Science professor Sean Warnick, with a $700,000 grant.