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Tech Art and Shaders


Thursday, October 20, 2016 - 11:00am


Ben Cloward


Seth Holladay

Technical Artists are an important bridge between art and engineering teams at most game development studios.  The first part of this talk will outline the role of Technical Artist in the industry and show how technical artists leverage both art and engineering skills to bring teams together to create better products.  The second part of the talk will focus on one specific skill that technical artists use – creating shaders.  Ben will demonstrate several examples of shaders that he has created and show how they can both increase the visual quality of the game AND reduce the amount of work required to by the art team.


Ben Cloward has been a technical artist and animator in the video game industry for over 16 years. He currently works as a CG Supervisor at BioWare, where he is focused on graphics and performance optimization for an unannounced new IP. Ben lives in Austin, Texas with his wife and six kids.