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CS 142 Waiver Policy

Waiver Application Eligibility

For the BYU CS department to consider a waiver of the CS 142 Introduction to Programming requirement, a student must have:

  1. Never previously taken or been given credit for CS 142. (Any attempt at CS 142 including withdrawals, or incompletes, disqualify a student from a waiver.)
  2. Compelling reasons for waiving CS 142 (e.g. AP exams, significant work experience, previous C++ courses, etc.)


  1. Complete and submit the on-line waiver application. The department will review your situation and approve or deny your application.
  2. Upon department approval, instructions will be sent via email. An overview of the process is below:
    1. Successfully complete and pass-off all three waiver labs with a current CS 142 TA. (Pass-off is usually with a TA on campus but arrangements can be made to do so via email.) 
    2. Make an appointment with the CS department secretaries to take the final exam in the CS office (3361 TMCB) on campus BEFORE the first day of class of the semester for which you desire to register for CS 235. (Exams will need to be completed during regular 8am-12pm and 1-5pm office hours.)
  3. Upon successful completion of the three waiver labs and the passing of the final exam (70% or better), you will be given an add code for CS 235 (according to section availability).
  4. Upon successful completion of CS 235 (C- or better), students have two options for how CS 142 will appear on their transcript:
    • Waived: If a CS major/minor, the CS department will inform the college advisement center that the CS 142 requirement has been waived. If from a different major, any request to waive any requirement will be between the student and their department advisement.
    • For Credit: If a student desires BYU credit for the course, the student may complete the necessary forms from the admissions office, pay the fee, and receive 3 hours of BYU credit for CS 142 (pass/fail).
  5. If the student fails to pass CS 235 with a C- or higher, they are required to take and pass CS 142 before attempting CS 235 again. CS 142 will not be waived and they are ineligible to apply for the waiver again.

Any questions concerning this policy may be answered by the department advisor via email at

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