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Developer Nutrition & Fitness App iPhone, android, macOS, PC

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Thursday, December 14, 2017

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Develop, in collaboration with My Fit Formula design team, a unique nutrition and fitness app with high degree of user interactive technology, using algorithmic formulas to prescribe daily and weekly changes in macronutrient targets, fiber and calorie intake as a function of daily and weekly changes in user body composition (% body fat, weight, lean body mass). 

Develop diabetic insulin dependent and non-insulin dependent daily blood sugar 90 day target tracking, bolus, hyper and hypo glycemic levels, estimated a1c levels, and stress indicators and integrate those markers with diabetic user's daily food intake on an hour by hour basis.

Develop fitness tracking app with activity level interface with resting daily energy expenditure and total daily energy expenditures, and integrate activity level with macronutrient targets in real time.  

Interface with world's largest platform API nutrition data base FAT SECRET. Develop unique user functionality based on API nutrition information as outlined in design team's slides and instructions. Developer should be comfortable using FAT SECRET platform API:

Integrate video and user functionality in a unique biometric analysis of body composition.

Develop a working prototype and then redesign operating system based on focus group feedback. 

Develop app-related web page.

Developer should review design team's slides and instructions, develop a bid offer and proceed to contract agreement.

Anticipated Start Date: December 2017
Bid Offer: TBD

Contact: Dr. David Woolley, My Fit Formula,

Company Info

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My Fit Formula

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Bountiful, Utah & El Paso, TX
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David G. Woolley

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Computer Science minors

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December, 2017 to April, 2018