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Personalized Track



Students may also select the personalized track to suit their academic interests and needs. Personalized tracks should be an intellectually coherent set of courses that accomplish an objective that cannot be met by any of the other tracks. Faculty members whose research interests are outside the scope of the existing tracks are a valuable resource to advise students on a program of study in this track. 

Approve course plan with Undergraduate Advisor
Complete 5 of the following courses
CS 256: Designing the User Experience
CS 330: Concepts of Programming Languages
CS 345: Operating Systems Design
CS 355: Interactive Graphics and Image Processing
CS 360: Internet Programming
Any 400-level computer science courses (except C S 404 and 405)
EC EN 324: Computer Systems
EC EN 425: Real-Time Operating Systems
IT 567: Cyber Security and Penetration Testing




Career Opportunities

The personalized track can help students gain expertise in a specific area that leads to a career opportunity at a company looking for that expertise or graduate studies in the area of expertise. Careful consideration must be given so that the student achieves their long-term career objectives and doesn't trade important breadth in the field for narrow expertise that limits future opportunities. It is important for students to discuss their plans with faculty mentors who can help provide guidance. 



Note: Once the other tracks are in place, we will ask some faculty (Dan Olsen or Sean Warnick, etc.) to provide some options for students backed up by a faculty member's expertise.