Computing That Serves

Remote Access

We have provided several computers that are accessible from outside the department. This allows students and faculty to remotely work on projects and access files. In order to get command line/shell access you will need to use SSH. This document contains information about connecting to the department network via SSH.

What computer do I connect to?

We have provided twelve computers using the current Linux image for remote accesses, which can be accessed by connecting to using your CS credentials (username and password). This one address will drop you onto one of these machines. When reporting problems with any of the schizo machines please be sure to report the specific host name (like protozoa or bacteria), which can be found by typing "hostname."

What program do I used to connect to schizo?

Terminal Access

If you are running Windows on your computer you will want to use Putty for terminal access via SSH. This is a simple ssh client that will give you whichever shell you have specified in your profile.

If you are using Mac OS X you can use the built-in ssh command from to connect to schizo in the following manner: ssh

If you are using any of the various Linux distros you can use the built-in ssh from your favorite terminal program with the same syntax as for Mac OS X above.

File Browsing

If you are using Windows you can use WinSCP, just ignore all the annoying "Download Now" ads) to browse your home directory via the scp protocol. You will connect to just as you would for ssh access.

A cross-platform tool available for Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux is FileZilla. Enter in the 'Host' field, your CS credentials in the 'User' and 'Password' fields, and 22 in the 'Port' field.