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Repeat (Retake) Policy


Students are allowed 1 repeat of each CS undergraduate course (all 100-, 200-, 300- or 400-level courses)**. This includes all students who received any grade including those who withdraw (receive a "W" grade) from a CS course. If after 1 repeat a student needs to repeat the course again, the student complete a pre-approved STEM course before registering for the course again AND must follow the Request to Repeat Policy process below. This policy does not apply to classes dropped before the add/drop deadline.

This policy is effective January 1, 2017 and applies to any grade received in a CS course after that date. This means if you repeat a CS course in Winter 2017, you will not be able to re-repeat that course until you have completed the Request to Repeat policy below. If you've taken a course prior to 2017 (no matter how many times you've taken it prior to 2017), the first time you take it after January 1, 2017 will be considered your 1st repeat.

Request to Repeat Policy

Students wanting to repeat a CS course a second time must complete a pre-approved STEM course in a subsequent semester or term with a B- or above then complete the Request to Repeat form. The form requires students to attach evidence of a "compensating experience" (see below for more information).  The Request to Repeat form is due by the first day of class each semester. The undergraduate advisor will approve or deny each request and notify the student by the add/drop deadline. Petitions for exceptions to this policy may be granted according to the exemption policy below.

  •  Request to Repeat form (requires attachment of evidence of substantive change that makes success in future CS classes more likely--see above)

Compensating Experience: The compensating experience is accomplished by completing a pre-approved STEM course with a B- or better. Courses should demonstrate that the student has acquired skills or discipline that will make success in re-repeating CS courses much more likely. Appropriate courses will include mathematical analysis or problem-solving, engineering process and analysis, technology-based programming, or data-based use of the scientific method. Students can get their courses pre-approved by contacting the Undergraduate Program Advisor or the Undergraduate Program Manager.

Petitions for Exemption

In rare instances, students may petition to be exempt from the Request to Repeat policy above. Students requesting an exemption must fill out one of the petitions below and turn it in to the CS office. All petitions are due by the first day of class each semester. The undergraduate advisor will approve or deny each request and notify the students by the add/drop deadline.

  • Petition for exemption due to Medical / Clinical reasons form (requires letter from doctor)
  • Petition for exemption due to Military Service form (requires documentation of military deployment)
  • Petition for exemption due to Family / Bereavement reasons form 
  • Petition for exemption due to Employment form (requires letter from employer)