2-Year Plan

This 2 year plan is accurate based on our current planning. However, for unforeseen reasons, changes may occur, but they will be updated as soon as they do. The schedule for the next upcoming academic year (Fall-Summer) will be added each November.

2023-2024 2024-2025
Course Fall Winter Spring Summer Fall Winter Spring Summer
C S 110: The Joy and Beauty of Computing
C S 111: Introduction to Computer Science
C S 142: Intro to Computer Programming
C S 180: Introduction to Data Science
C S 199R: Academic Internship
C S 201R: Topics in Computer Science
C S 202: Software Engineering Lab 1
C S 203: Software Engineering Lab 2
C S 204: Software Engineering Lab 3
C S 224: Introduction to Computer Systems
C S 235: Data Structures and Algorithms
C S 236: Discrete Structures
C S 240: Advanced Programming Concepts
C S 252: Introduction to Computational Theory
C S 256: Introduction to HCI
C S 260: Web Programming
C S 270: Intro to Machine Learning
C S 301R: Topics in Computer Science
C S 312: Algorithm Design and Analysis
C S 324: Systems Programming
C S 329: Testing, Analysis, & Verification
C S 330: Concepts of Programming Language
C S 340: Software Design and Testing
C S 345: Operating System Design
C S 355: Interactive Graphics and Image Processing
C S 356: Designing the User Experience
C S 393: Adv Algorithms & Probl Solving
C S 401R: Topics in Computer Science
C S 404: Ethics and Computers In Society
C S 405: Creating and Managing a Software Business
C S 412: Linear Programming & Convex Optimization
C S 428: Software Engineering
C S 431: Algorithmic Languages and Compilers
C S 450: Computer Vision
C S 452: Database Modeling Concepts
C S 453: Fundamentals of Information Retrieval
C S 455: Computer Graphics
C S 456: Introduction to User Interface Software
C S 460: Computer Communications and Networking
C S 462: Large-scale Distributed System Design
C S 465: Computer Security
C S 466: Blockchain Technologies
C S 470: Introduction to Artificial Intelligence
C S 471: Voice User Interfaces
C S 472: Introduction to Machine Learning
C S 473: Advanced Machine Learning
C S 474: Deep Learning
C S 477R: Sec Minor Student Teaching
C S 480: Software Engineering Capstone 1
C S 481: Software Engineering Capstone 2
C S 482: Data Science Capstone 1
C S 483: Data Science Capstone 2
C S 486: Verification & Validation
C S 493R: Computing Competitions
C S 494: Capstone 1
C S 495: Capstone 2
C S 497R: Undergraduate Research
C S 498R: Undergraduate Special Projects
C S 500: (C S-Chem-Geol-Math-MthEd-Phscs-Stat) Business Career Essentials in Science and Math
C S 501R: Adv Topics in Computer Sci
C S 513: Robust Control
C S 575: Intro to Network Science
C S 580: Theory of Predictive Modeling
C S 601R: Big Data Systems (awaiting permanent course number)
C S 601R: Conversational AI (awaiting permanent course number)
C S 601R: Usable Security and Privacy (awaiting permanent course number)
C S 611: Advanced Computer Theory
C S 650: Computer Vision 1
C S 650R: Advanced Computer Vision 1
C S 653: Information Retrieval
C S 655: Advanced Computer Graphics
C S 656: Interactive Software Systems
C S 660: Computer Networks
C S 665: Advanced Computer Security
C S 670: Multi-Agent Systems
C S 673: Computational Creativity
C S 674: Advanced Deep Learning
C S 676: Advanced Topics in Data Mining
C S 677: Bayesian Inference
C S 678: Advanced Neural Networks and Machine Learning
C S 686: Advanced Model Checking
C S 697R: Graduate Special Projects
C S 698R: Master's Project
C S 699R: Master's Thesis
C S 704R: Advanced Readings - Human Computer Interaction
C S 704R: Advanced Readings in Computer Vision and Computational Photography
C S 704R: Advanced Readings in Handwriting Recognition
C S 712R: Topics in Algorithmic Decision Processes
C S 755R: Topics In Computer Graphics
C S 795R: Teaching Practicum
C S 799R: Doctoral Dissertation