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BYU TTL 255 - Teikn Smith, Lawry Sorenson, Thomas Draper

BYU Students Win The Rocky Mountain Regional Programming Contest

42 teams across 10 schools with BYU hosting. The Rocky Mountain Regional Programming Contest tested our regions brightest minds with challenging coding problems. Our very own BYU students won 1st and 2nd place--taking most of the podium. BYU's team rankings are listed below.

1st: BYU TTL 255 - Teikn Smith, Lawry Sorenson, Thomas Draper

2nd: BYU GPT - Jason Oliphant, John Swingle, Paul Swingle

9th: BYU O=('-'Q) - Josh Taylor, Hannah Atanasio, Kevin Kinney

15th: BYU blobs - Isaac Criddle, BJ Foutz, Jared Black

17th: BYU; DROP TABLE users; - Yirang Lim, Sterling Larson, Daniel Taylor

21st: BYU Greedy BFFs - Joseph Scholl, Zach Hacking, Brenden Smith

26th: BYU The Immutables - Ethan Kerr, Nelson Schnepf, Harrison Winslow

Join us in congratulating these amazing students!

Student Stories

Computer Science at BYU has helped me achieve my dream job even before graduating. It has also helped me to be involved in an amazing campus and tremendous clubs with some of the best students, faculty, and advisors. I haven't yet created impactful and influential software that helps people all over the world but connecting with some of the brightest students in the world and getting into a company where you can find some of the brightest engineers is a step closer to achieving that goal.
CS Major from Uruguay.
I had no coding experience before coming to BYU, so I have really learned a lot in all the CS classes I have taken. Now I am a proficient coder who is ready to enter the workforce!
Senior from California.

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