• Using Nature to Nurture Robots

    Working together is often the best way of getting the job done. CS professor Michael Goodrich is working on finding ways to make robots work together with the hopes of applying the technology to humanitarian efforts in the future.  
04 October, Tuesday
Devotional: David A. Whitchurch, Religious Education
11:05 AM
06 October, Thursday
11:00 AM
11 October, Tuesday
College Teaching Workshop
12:00 PM
Devotional: Homecoming Opening Ceremonies
11:05 AM
13 October, Thursday
11:00 AM
18 October, Tuesday
Last Day Term 1
12:00 AM
19 October, Wednesday
Term 2 Classes Begin
12:00 AM
25 October, Tuesday
Devotional: Matthew O. Richardson, Advancement Vice President
11:05 AM
No Colloquium due to Faculty Meeting
The State of Man-in-the-Middle TLS Proxies: Prevalence and User Attitudes

Mark O'Neill
MS Thesis Defense/PhD Qualifying Process
Advisor: Daniel Zappala
Friday, October 7, 2016
3350 TMCB  1:00pm