Application Process

Students interested in applying for part-time positions in the Computer Science Department need to:

  • Students who are interested in being a Teaching Assistant may talk directly to a professor or apply on our department job listings. Please be aware that not all of our professors use this site to find student employees.

  • Students who are interested in a Research Assistant position should contact faculty directly, either in person or in email. Our professors each research different branches of computer science, so it is recommended for students to look at the professors' profiles to see if they are interested in that line of research. These profiles can be found on our Faculty Directory.

Hiring Process

Students must not begin working until they have been notified by the department office that their hire is authorized!

As part of the hiring process, a CS profile is required. This profile can be created by logging in with one's BYU NetID and password to the CS Website. The professor or staff member can then find the student in our database and submit a hire request.

There should be dialogue between the faculty member and the student about the student working for the faculty member. Upon selection of an applicant, a faculty member will submit a hire request. The CS Employment Secretary will process the request and the student will receive emails as the hire proceeds to the point of the student being authorized to work.

Students who have not previously worked on campus will receive an email explaining the process to complete an I-9 at the Student Employment Office located in 2024 WSC. Federal immigration regulations require each employee hired in the United States to prove their identity and eligibility to work by completing a Form I-9 at the time of hire. The Form I-9 must be completed before an employee is authorized to work. If the form is filled out late, your hire will be reported on the University’s monthly non-compliance report. BYU can be fined by the Department of Justice for each "late hire" in the event of an audit. You should not begin working and cannot be paid until this form has been filled out. Here is a list of acceptable documents for the I-9. You will need to make an appointment with Student Employment to complete this.

Graduate students may be hired on contract. If the student will be working on contract, the contract will be sent to the student's myBYU email address and signed electronically by the student. Contact the CS Office, 3361 TMCB, or call 801-422-3027 with any questions.

Once BYU Student Employment has authorized the student to work, the student will receive an email from the CS Employment Secretary notifying that employment has been authorized. NOTE: Student is not to begin working before receiving this confirmation.

Students employed during their last semester of school who wish to enroll in less than the required credits may invoke their Last Semester Option. This option may only be used once. If the student does not graduate at the end of their option, they must be enrolled for the full required credits in any subsequent semesters/terms in order to continue employment.

Pay & Compensation

TA compensation is based upon the student's Computer Science class standing (as recorded in the profile information stored on the CS website) and the level of the course. An additional $0.50 per hour is added for each semester that the student returns to work as a CS TA, up to a maximum cumulative total per the chart below.

CS TA Payscale Fall 2023.JPG

The CS Department will update a student's pay rate accordingly and may retroactively update a student’s pay rate per our discretion.

All RA compensation is independently arranged with the individual professor with whom the RA will work.


Here is the BYU Pay Schedule.

  • HOURLY: all hourly student employees must clock in through BYU's Y-time system. It can be accessed online, through a wall-mounted time clock, or through the mobile app. Employees must make a timestamp at the beginning and end of each shift. Each time you clock in or out, the clock should tell you your total hours for the pay period. If this total does not appear, then you have an Exception that needs to be resolved*.
    • Online: You can access your timesheet by going to
    • Wall-Mounted Time Clock: The Y-time clock is located in the northwest corner of the Talmage building (TMCB) on the first floor (across the hall from 1112). Enter your BYU ID number, and click “Next.” The screen will now show your name, your job, and a menu to clock in, clock out, and view your total hours for the week.
    • Y-Time in the Mobile BYU App
  • CONTRACTED students will receive a stipend amount per paycheck until the effective termination date of the contract. Contracted students are not required to clock hours worked, though they should keep a log of the hours they work as per the instructions on the contract.


  • Note that some errors can be corrected by the employee if it is still the same pay period in which the exception exists. We will not correct errors that an employee can correct on their own.
  • Hourly employees have the ability to correct many of their own missed punches--those that occur within the current pay period. For more detailed information about Y-Time Self-Corrections, please go to:

For those corrections that you can not change on your own, you will need to fill out a Time Correction Request Form. All forms should be submitted before 8 a.m. Monday after the end of the current pay period to be counted for that pay period. NOTE: Corrections should be the exception; this procedure is not to be used as a substitute for using Y-time.

  • If this link is not working, you can email and include the following:​
    • Your Name
    • Your 9 digit BYUID
    • The date and time (including am or pm) of the exception
    • The reason there is a Y-Time exception
    • If you are an international student please indicate this in the subject line (i.e., "FOREIGN STUDENT: Time Exception")
  • As always, you are more than welcome to email with any questions and we are happy to help.