BYU Data Science Association

1. Establish a national presence for the BYU Data Science Club with recruiters and academia. 2. Provide students with additional educational resources, including workshops, online courses, and professional tutoring. 3. Engage our students in real-world data science projects with companies and organizations pioneering innovation in Utah and throughout the nation. 4. Give our club members a leg up in the industry by creating robust networking opportunities with industry-leading organizations.

Dev-G (Game Development)

BYU Game Dev's mission and purpose is to provide resources, education, and opportunities in game design and development to all interested BYU students, regardless of academic discipline. Although BYU offers a few academic programs that can be usefully applied to jobs within the game industry, such as computer science, there isn't really a specific path of instruction for students who are serious about a career in the game industry, especially for students who are majoring in non-technical areas like humanities or communications. Being able to program or animate is only one step to making an excellent video game. Our club exists to fill the gap between the classroom and the industry so that students can actually get to the industry in the first place.

Sports Analytics Association

The mission of the Sports Analytics Club is to further the understanding and enjoyment of sports through analysis of sports data.

Bee Team (BYU Apiology Association)

The purpose of the BYU Apiology academic association is to use the practice of bee keeping as a vehicle for educating students about the collage of intellectual traditions related to the effort, including topics such as ecology and symbiosis, entomology, eusocial insect behavior, compound eyes and insect vision, engineering and neurobiology of insect flight, the linguistics of non-human communication, anthropology of beekeeping societies and the cultural impact of bees, culinary history of honey, pollination and its impact on the economics of agriculture, environmental sensors, the mathematics of swarm optimization, and insect-inspired algorithms.

BYU Competitive Programming Club

BYU Competitive Programming Association

The Competitive Programming Association and Team provides opportunities for students to become highly-skilled problem solvers and programmers. We hold short weekly practices and organize/participate in several competitions throughout the year, both corporate-sponsored competitions and the regional ICPC (the International Collegiate Programming Contest).

BYU Women in Computer Science Club Logo

Women in Computer Science

The mission of BYU Women in CS is mentoring, discovering/sharing opportunities for women in CS, and supporting each other. Women considering and majoring in computer science are welcome to join. Individuals from the computer science community are also welcome to get involved.


BYU Linux Club

Membership in the BYU Linux Club is open for everybody and does not require dues. If you have a desire or need to learn Linux, then you are most welcome in our club. On the first Thursday of the month we have a workshop where we teach different skills in Linux and are very open to questions and for members to share their experience and learn new skills. On the 3rd Thursday of the month, we provide refreshments and invite a speakers from local Linux companies to share their knowledge on different topics. Other meetings and events will be posted on our website.


BYU Developers Club

BYU Developers is BYU’s premier community for developers, designers, tech entrepreneurs, and UX designers. We focus on web and mobile software technologies and we ship products that change the world. We are actively involved with the local startup community, hacker community, and the industry's top employers. Members include students, faculty, and full-time employees who want to make a difference through software development.


BYU ACM Student Chapter

The Association for Computing Machinery is the largest and oldest international scientific and educational computing society in the industry today. The ACM is dedicated to advancing the art, science, engineering, and application of information technology. The BYU chapter is just one of many student chapters throughout the United States. Our vision for the BYU Chapter of ACM is: "Enhancing our university experience through Networking, Education and Service."