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Get Involved

We would love to have the advice and mentorship of past graduates uplift our current students in the Computer Science Department. There are several ways to get involved and help build our community:

BYU Connect

Reminisce and reconnect with your college days by serving as a mentor to a current student. You can talk in-person, over the phone, or virtually through a video calling system on the platform. Expand your professional network by connecting with other alumni in your region or industry

  • Mentor and uplift current BYU students
  • Post opportunities for experienced jobs, post a referral, or apply for current available positions
  • Become a member of an alumni group/regional chapter
  • Network with other alumni, friends of BYU, and employers

Find out more about BYU Connect here.

BYU Alumni Association

Connect with fellow BYU Alumni by joining a local chapter, sharing your story or attending alumni events. Take advantage of alumni benefits and career mentorship as well!

Find out more about opportunities here.