Research and Discovery in Cutting-Edge Technology

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Brigham Young University is widely known for excellence in research, especially at the undergraduate level. The Department of Computer Science is a major contributor to that reputation. Performing research in a range of computer science topics, BYU professors are innovators and leaders in their fields.

Undergraduate students are commonly invited to participate in research projects with faculty and graduate students. This provides an unmatched opportunity to learn from field leaders, to refine research skills, and to prepare for future graduate or industry work.

Graduate students benefit from a demanding program that requires significant course work, experience in course instruction, and research at a professional level.

Through research opportunities, undergraduates and graduates are able to participate in solving problems that have significant impacts in the world:

  • Medical imaging for surgeons through real-time isolation of 3D objects
  • Developing new drugs and analyzing biological systems with parallel algorithms
  • Creating secure systems for negotiating web access using email and online chat identifiers
  • Improving genealogical tools and historical microfilms with high-speed image processing
  • Community Internet access provided through wireless mesh networking
  • Enabling search-and-rescue efforts by controlling UAV's with next-generation software
  • Pricing to stabilize market economics and profits in dynamic systems
  • Refining data extraction to facilitate searches and improve interactions between humans and computers
  • Utilizing Natural Language Processing to help people manage large amounts of data
  • and much more ...

Currently, the BYU Computer Science Department sponsors six research specialties. For more information, click on the links below.

Becoming Involved

BYU computer science students have proven themselves to be capable of competing with the best. Our students are winning competitions, publishing in prestigious journals and conferences, receiving awards, embarking on rewarding careers, and going on to acclaimed masters and PhD programs-all in an effort to fulfill BYU's exhortation: "Enter to Learn, Go Forth to Serve."

Your contribution to undergraduate mentoring in the Computer Science Department makes a difference in their lives as they strive to better themselves and the world around them.

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