The BYU Computer Science advisory board helps the department stay current and relevant with the ever changing nature of the technology industry and to gain external feedback from organizations and individuals in the computer science industrial community on how the department can improve in preparing computer science graduates to enter the full time workforce.

The advisory board in general meets one or two times each year. The focus of those meetings is for the computer science department to provide updates on the state of the department, share with board members new and ongoing plans for improvement, and most importantly, for board members to evaluate the state of the department and provide information and feedback on trends, current and future needs, and suggestions for improvement. General topics include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • General discussion of current and future trends in the computer science industry,
  • Discussion and evaluation of each of the program emphases,
  • Discussion and evaluation of the capstone courses and projects,
  • Discussion of internship opportunities,
  • Discussion of other opportunities for industry partners to engage with students,
  • Open discussion and feedback from board members,
  • Reports on student internships, capstones, and jobs,
  • Reports on changes and planned changes to the program since the last meeting,
  • Nominations for board member replacements before the next meeting.


  • Build a world-class computer science program
  • Continuously improve the program to meet current and future needs
  • Provide the best qualified and best prepared CS graduates to fulfill industry needs
  • Support the needs of the program through capstone funding and capstone projects
  • Identify and provide meaningful, high-quality internship opportunities for students


Board members are drawn from our partners in by invitation and serve a limited term. The size of the board is typically 12 - 16 members. The composition is drawn from a variety of industries, organization types and organization sizes. The intent is to build a board that represents a broad cross-section of the computer science industry while aligning with interests and backgrounds in the different program emphases in the department.
Here are our current Advisory Board Members