Computer Science studies the theory and practice of computing in society. Because computing is embedded in nearly every aspect of society, a degree in computer science can lead you to practicing in a wide variety of fields.

About the Major

A degree in computer science has a core that includes courses in programming, data structures, algorithms, computer systems, software design, calculus, and discrete mathematics.


Students can build on this foundation by taking electives in a variety of areas of computing. The electives in the degree are grouped into a variety of areas, as shown below:

Diagram of areas in CS major

You can start exploring some of these areas as soon as you have taken CS 111. Others require additional preparation as shown.

Careers in Computer Science

Students graduating with one of our degrees are employed primarily in software development positions, with career paths that are highly diverse, depending on where their interest lies. Computer science alumni can be found in big tech companies, startups, government research labs, and non-profit companies. Alumni may be developing web or mobile applications, using machine learning to develop medical diagnostic algorithms, designing secure software for a bank, creating a new game, or developing software to control a swarm of drones. Alumni work in diverse industries, including finance, automotive, retail, health, and government contracting.

Students also use a B.S. in Computer Science as a foundation to pursue graduate school in computer science, a career in academia, or a law degree.