Preparing for a career while still at BYU

Computer Science may be one of the most highly-recruited majors at BYU and other universities. It is important, however, for students to begin preparing for their careers before they even graduate. It takes time and effort to find your dream job.

  • Internships: The computer science department highly recommends that students complete at least one computer science internship before graduation. Look here for guidance on finding and selecting a worthwhile internship.
  • Career Fairs: Students should consider attending BYU's career fairs even before they are ready to look for a job or internship.

Finding a Job

A list of BYU's recruiting services:

  • Handshake: This is BYU's main recruiting site. It features job/internship postings, a resume database, and company contact information. Jobs can be filtered by major, location, and more. The site's primary focus is for current students. Those alumni who never made a Handshake account during their studies may not be able to log into the site. Access Handshake here.
  • BYU's Alumni Job Board: This job board is focused on hiring BYU alumni (new or experienced). Access the alumni job board here.
  • Tips from Recruiters: We always ask visiting recruiters how our students can be more successful when applying for jobs. Here is a running list of their suggestions targeted specifically at BYU computer science students and recent graduates.

Keeping Connected

Don't miss opportunities to connect with other alumni, current students, the department and the University as a whole.

  • Alumni Events: We currently do not have any department alumni events.
  • Recruiting Our Students: We often have alumni who return to BYU to recruit new graduates. If you are interested, please post a job on Handshake.

Giving Back

The majority of each BYU education is paid for by church funds and donations to the University--not tuition fees. Help make the same opportunities available to future BYU students by donating to the university. As a department we are currently trying to fund two main projects:

  • Mentorship: Donating to the department mentorship funds allows a student to have the unique opportunity to work with a professor on a research project. These projects are real computer science research that are published in conferences and papers around the world. Very few universities allow undergraduates to have these kinds of experiences. It costs approximately $2,880 to provide this experience for one student for one semester at BYU. Your donation of any size helps make it possible for one more student to have this opportunity.
  • Women in Computer Science: Our department is funding a scholarship to help women studying computer science. The National Science Foundation calculates that 31 percent of computer science degrees were awarded to women in 1989. Twenty years later, that number had dropped to less than 18 percent. This scholarship will help the women in our program to complete their educations.