The need for computing professionals in the United States is increasing at unprecedented rates. Almost every major challenge facing our world is turning to computing for a solution, from conquering disease to eliminating hunger, from improving education to increasing national defense.

Although much of the economy is experiencing a downturn, today's market is experiencing growing demand with big salaries for qualified professionals in computer science-related fields. The Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates that the number of tech jobs will grow much faster than the national average over the next ten years. With more choices and more opportunities, it's a better time than ever to be on the search for a career in computing. The jobs are there--your task is to simply narrow down your options! Services offered by BYU, the College of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, and the Computer Science Department can help.

BYU Handshake

The hub for students and alumni looking for high quality internship and full-time placement positions. Students and alumni can use BYU Handshake for the following:

  • Full-time jobs or internships
  • Information Sessions on campus
  • Resume database for employers

How to sign in to BYU Bridge:

  1. Visit
  2. Log in with your BYU netID and password
  3. Fill out your profile if this is your first time (takes up to 5-10 minutes)

If you have any questions, or if you want individualized assistance, visit 2410 WSC or call 801-422-9058.

Career Placement

Contact Melanie Steimle, Coordinator of Career Placement Services.

BYU Connect

Visit BYU Connect to Network with BYU alumni in your industry of interest to discuss your goals and aspirations, get advice, and access other resources such as job shadowing and job postings.

External Links

Please note: these links do not constitute an endorsement by the CS Department of any of these websites or services. They are provided for information only.

AfterCollege Job Resources

  • Job Resource Center a great resource with tons of high quality positions available. Created specifically for BYU CS students.

Technology-Related Job Search Sites

Career Related Information