• WWII Vet, One of the First CS Faculty, Shares Story

    Norman Wright has boxes—a lot of boxes. They hold countless records of history about BYU, computer science, and WWII.

    “It turns out I have been around for a long time, from the very beginning of computing. That’s my claim to fame,” BYU alum Norman Wright joked.

  • CS student-created budgeting app will finally save your budget

    Winner of 2017 Mobile App Competition is like a digital envelope system

    You’ve tried it all: spreadsheets, software, the envelope system. And despite your best efforts, it seems like every month you blow your budget.

09 May, Tuesday
Devotional: McKay Christensen, Alumni and External Relations
11:05 AM
16 May, Tuesday
Forum: Brent Slife, Distinguished Faculty Lecturer
11:05 AM
Possible Replacement monitors for the CS Open Labs

Please go to https://goo.gl/CExXnW to register your preference and to enter any comments.

You can see and use sample monitors in the Open Lab in 1102 TMCB. Give each one a try.